Looks effortless!
The tree was donated by The Tree Council and the School's Eco-Interactors chose a Scarlet Willow, otherwise known as a Salix alba Chermisina. It is also called…
Planting The Scarlet Willow
Alan Wiggins helps to plant the Scarlet Willow. Alan started school at the Long Eaton Grammar School in 1950 and finished U6 in 1957.
Salix alba Chermesina
What our tree might look like when mature.
The planting of the Scarlet Willow
Rotarians, pupils and teachers, ex pupils, members of the Woodland Trust - the whole group. Far right is teacher Roger Smith.
Tree wardens, staff and students…
The planting of the Scarlet Willow
Daisy Kelsey is Eco - Interact President - helps to plant the tree: Salix alba Chermisina - on the right is Barbara James, Eco-Interact Coordinator.
The Speech - Queen's Diamond Jubilee
The Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire, Mr William Tucker, giving a short speech prior to planting a special tree to mark The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. One of only…
Tree Planters
Tree planters: It was very appropriate that helping with the planting was Rotarian - Alan Wiggins (2nd from right), who had been a student at the…
Tree Planting Ceremony
Milly Dainty a pupil at Long Eaton School helps to plant the special tree to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Far right is Barbara James., Eco-Interact…