1958 - 59 Class 1D
Class 1d 1958/59 aged 11/12 - members of the "unarmed" forces - or was it the children of Dads Army!
BACK ROW: Graham Brookes (15th Long Eaton Sea…
1958 - 59 Football Team
BACK ROW: Howard (Brock) Robins, Dick Harris, Bill Bowyer, 'Fred' Evans, Jeff Hopewell and Rod Thorpe.
FRONT ROW: Ken Parker, Stuart Futter, John Parker,…
1958 - 59 Form 5B
Form Master Mr Pritchard.
BACK ROW: Alan (Nobby) Woodyatt, Rod Thorpe, Mike Tudbury, Brian (Prof) Evans, John (Radish) Radford, Dace Caron.
4th ROW: Dave…
1959 FORM 5A
FORM 5A 1959
BACK ROWS: David Cantwell, Keith Wright, Peter Brookes (with glasses), Stuart Young, Geoff Campion, Adrian Grau (with glasses), Mick White, John…
1959 Prefects 1958-59 with Mr Crompton.
BACK ROW: Joyce Stimpson, Patricia Woodrow, Sandra McDonald, Keith Thorpe, Peter Tindale, Richard Stevenson.
FRONT ROW: Jennifer Hoyle, Patricia M Smith,…
Barbara Poole and Angela Potter
Angela and I made friends on our first day at school whilst waiting to be taken into our first classroom (in the short conversation in the queue we discovered…
Dave Wykes, Marianne Ecker and Carol Foster.
School Field 1959. (I suspect the field doesn't slope!)
Dave Wykes, Marianne Ecker and Carol Foster.
David West
David West (aka Weggy) aged 12 in 1959.
School outing to Liverpool
we are on a boat on The Mersey
From left to Tight: Glenys Hill, Linda Freeman, Carol White , Maureen Morris and Jean Hunt?
Skegness c.1959
Sandra Fox , Anita Wormsley, Linda Freeman and Janet Smith. Says Anita: Anita Linda's family had a caravan near Gibraltar Point , Lincs. I often was invited…