1930s 4 Boys Abroad
this may be nothing to do with Long Eaton County Secondary School!
1930s ? Cricket Team
1930s ? 5 Ladies
unknown names and date.
1930s ? Boys' Race
George Brothers, Mr Pritchard, Mr Parsons (English) and Mr Auken (Chemistry)
1930s ? Cookery
date unknown - scanned from a halftone plate .
1930s ? Cookery Display
date unknown - scanned from halftone plate.
1930s ? Cricket West Park
West Park
1930s ? Flower Arranging
In the foreground there is a cooker and then beyond, a draining board and sink with tap.
date unknown - scanned from a halftone plate
1930s ? Football
Charles Street 1930
1930s ? Football
Charles Street
1930s ? In the Physics Laboratory
Mr Bowman-Beer (Physics from 1922-48).
1930s ? Male Teachers
Thought to be taken in the Men's Staff Room - probably early thirties. Any names please?
FRONT (SITTING): 3 Mr Crompton
1930s ? Masters (posed)
BACK ROW: 2 Mr Mansfield
FRONT ROW: 1 Mr Crompton
1930s ? Relay Race
Mr Bowman-Beer (Physics) hands the baton to Miss Turner (Biology),
date is a guess!
1930s ? Running
Date unknown but before summer 1958 when pile driving commenced for the new Science Block.
1930s ? Running Race
Robinson , Bob Pritchard - holding the tape - just pre war 1935?
1930s ? School Play - Ole in the Road
Hughes and Parmenter (Music 1931 - 1936) . This play is not mentioned in the Jubilee Book
1930s ? Sports Day
dk teacher holding the winning tape.
(1930s is a guess)
1930s ? Sports Day Boys' Race
dks, then seated: dk, Mr Auken, Mr Parmenter.
1930s ? Sports Day Boys' Race
? Gill, dk.