Theresa Moon
LEGS 1952?
died 2014?
No image available
Theresa Wheate - nee Moon - Info from Jean Le-Febvre (now Page)
Timothy Hemming
LEGS 1951 6th
Died11 Aug 2011
From Keith Tyler:
Timothy was one of the brightest (if not the brightest) of those of our Year, especially remarkable as he was also one of the youngest. A…
Timothy Pateman
LEGS 1968 5th
died 7 Oct 2004
From his younger brother Jeremy:
Tim would have started LEGS in 1963 when we came back from East Africa, he was my elder brother. Joined the Royal Navy at…
Tom Cooper
(LEGS 1935)
Died 6 Nov 2010
Tom Cooper (known as Tommy) 6 November 2010. Tommy was 93 years of age and left school in 1935. His son Philip tells me that his dad loved school and that…
Tony Dobson
LEGS 1953
Died Dec 1998
Tony Dobson LEGS 1947 - 1953
From Barie Waby: Sadly Tony died in Dec 98 of a brain tumour. We were great friends at school but I didn't see him again after he…