1940 - 45 A Midsummer Night's Dream
A group of pupils in costume.
1940 - 45 Boys' Running Race
1940 - 45 Skipping Race at Sports Day
Sports day 1940s - The Skipping Race. Note the Air Raid shelters in the background so probably 1945. Similar photo of the Senior Skipping in the July 1945…
1940s ? Drama Group
Adams, Quince, Smart, Belam ...
They may be the 'hempen homespuns' in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. (see LEGS-4148)
1940s ? Girls Sitting Outside Old Huts.
It is not dated and 1940s is only a guess.
1940s ? Long Eaton County Secondary School
Dennis Taylor on the Mole, Zeebrugge (if LECSS then before 1945)
1940s ? Mr Bowman-Beer
Physics Teacher (1922- 1948)
1940s ? Pupils at the Long Eaton County Secondary School
This is probably very old but can you identify any of the group sitting on the wall separating the boys playground from the Sports Field. I would hazard a…
1940s ? Skipping Race
Muriel Crossman and dks.
Thought to be prewar because there are no air raid shelters,
1942 5th Form
BACK ROW: 1 Tony Stevens; 2, Len Pape; 3, Keith Johnson; 4, Mason Thompson; 5, Michael Gummery; 6, ? (Shush) Shaw; 7, Gerald Wright; 8, Tom Godfrey; 9, Norman…
1942 Freddie Mansfield
Major Mansfield in uniform 1942
Photo from James Mansfield
1942 Sportsday
Yvonne Mansfield is about to pass on the baton to ??? in the relay race July 1942. Mr Crompton in the background 3rd from left.
1942-07 July Gossamer No 8 - Railings
Editorial: N Stevens, M O'Mullane, K Wilmot, J brailsford, Seal, Wright, Roper. - limited in size because of war time paper shortage.
Photos of school railings…
1943-07 July Gossamer No 9 Miss Evans
Miss Evans retires after 36 years at school.
1943c Girls' Relay Race
Brenda Jarman 1943 or 1944
1943c Jim and Yvonne Mansfield
Yvonne Mansfield with brother Jim Mansfield who also attended The Long Eaton County Secondary School. Yvonne is in her Land Army uniform.
1944 Form 4L
BACK ROW: Graham Stafford, Bill Savage, Donald Bastable, Fred Newsum, Alan Woodcock, Ron Lord, Brian Fuller, John Allen, Alan Salisbury, Peter Head, Mike…
1944 Margaret Watts
Sports day. (This is also in the 1945 Gossamer)
1944 Sports Day Montage
SKIPPING: Left: Betty Ponton Right; Jean Osborne,
STAFF: Miss Silk, Miss Sykes (later Mrs Noble), Miss Hogan, Miss Allen.
JUNIOR RELAY: Maurice Barker, Pat…
1944-07 July Gossamer No 10 Class Photo