Samuel Clegg's House c. 1900
This photo was taken before the house and surgery is built in 1908 on land to the left of this house. The house you see was built in 1897 and is named Rye Hill…
The Clegg's House at 194 Tamworth Road Sawley
Samuel Clegg designed this house built in 1897 and named it Rye Hill Close. The matching semidetached house shown through the tree was added in 1908. Samuel…
The Bradshaw's House at 192 Tamworth Road Sawley
The house of John and Harriet Bradshaw. Their daughter, Mary Bradshaw, married Samuel Clegg in 1894. In 1896 Samuel Clegg was appointed the first permanent…
Salisbury House, 6 Bradshaw Street
Frederick Levi Attenborough lived here whilst he taught at the LEPTC. He married Mary Clegg the daughter of Samuel and Mary Clegg. Samuel was the school's first…
The Location Of Samuel Cleggs House at Sawley
BLUE: 192 Tamworth Road, Mary Bradshaw lived here with her parents.
GREEN: 194 Tamworth Road. Samuel Clegg lived here in the house that he designed. He had…
Front Door at Rye Hill Close
Long Eaton and Sawley Local historian Keith Reedman is about to ring the doorbell.
The Fireplace in the Lounge
Wood panelling is similar to that at the Grammar school. The fireplace is original except for the fire and tiled surround.
All internal photos of Rye Hill…
The Bay Window in the Lounge
Archway to bay window with stained glass.
Left of Fireplace in the Lounge
This stained glass window features The Cross of Lorraine and acorns.
The Front Room
LOUNGE BAY REVEALS - Lamp holder was not originally in this room but probably designed by Samuel Clegg. The rose symbol also appears on school badges etc.
The Staircase
Original Samuel Clegg design.
The Front Door
The drawings on the front door are of the Cross of Lorraine and Acorns and is a theme repeated throughout the house. Undoubtedly designed by Samuel Clegg. They…
The Cloakroom
The stained glass is thought to be designed by Samuel Clegg.
The Cloakroom
Stained glass is thought to be a Samuel Clegg design
The Bathroom
The original Roll Steel bath. According to the owner, it was against the other wall. The stained glass is probably a design of Samuel Clegg.
The Larder
Steps down to the original north facing larder. Always cool according to the owner.
The Laundry
One of the outhouses is the Laundry Room. Original features are the Hand Pump, sink, copper clothes boiler with fireplace under and the room fireplace and…
Back of Samuel Clegg's House
View from the garden. The semidetached House originally had small cottage style windows. The gable and Bay on the right are of the adjoining house, (Was a…