Lesley Richards LEGS 1965 - 5th Died 3 Dec 2015
Lesley McClatchie ( was Lesley Richards ) LEGS 1960 to 1965, died on the 3rd December 2015 after a long illness.She was married to Jim McClatchie who also went…
Linda Edmunds
LEGS 1970 U6
Died 18 Mar 2016
Message from Shauna Bell:
Unfortunately I have sad news concerning Linda Edmonds who was at the reunion in 2013. Linda died last Month (March18th) after a…
Linda Pearce
LEGS 1969-71
Died 13 Oct 2017
Information from Adrian Otsa. Linda Ball nee Pearce passed away suddenley, but peacefully on Friday 13 October 2017 at Derby Royal Hospital. Her funeral is on…
Lloyd Merrit
(LEGS 1963 1st yr)
Died Oct 2013
Photo is 1964 Panoramic part 5 of 8
I have heard that Lloyd Merrit, has recently died in France where he had lived for many years.
INFO from Stefan…
Lyn Arnold
LEGS 1963 U6
Died May 2016
Lyn Winstanley nee Arnold (LEGS 1963 U6) towards the end of May 2016 only 3 weeks after the death of her husband. Peter Winstanley (not LEGS)
From Susan Cave…
Lynn Robertson
LEGS 1962 5th
Died 19 May 2016
From her daughter Grace Fitzpatrick: My mum was diagnosed in late February with terminal cancer with a prognosis of 6-12 months. Sadly she died on 19th May…
Lynn Taylor
LEGS 1949-55
Died 8 Jan 2015
Lynn Eyre was Taylor LEGS 1949-55 Died 8 Jan 2015
Information from Dennis Godfrey and Joan Streets:
Lynn lived locally all her life (Stapleford, Chilwell)…