1913 - 14 Football Team
STANDING: H Knight (reserve), H Heath, A T Street, F Colton, E Hollingsworth, C Kingscott, F Hogg, Mr Attenborough.
SEATED: J H Davis, L Keeley, J Wlcockson…
1913 - 14 Football Team LECSS
AT BACK: Mr Samuel Clegg (Headmaster) and Mr Attenborough.
BACK ROW: R A Beardsley, G H Burton, J J Watts, A Webb, F E Colton, D Brownlow, F R Hogg, N…
1913 - 14 Football team LECSS
Long Eaton County Secondary School 1913 - 1914 Football Team
1913 Long Eaton County Secondary School
Monogram Plate the design used from 1913 to 1944
1914c Cricket Team
At the BACK is Samuel Clegg and Mr Attenborough?
The latter was only at the Long Eaton County Secondary School from 1913 - 15
1915 Male Teachers
BACK ROW: D.M. Herbert, F. Mansfield, E. Cross.
FRONT: F.L. Attenborough, S. Clegg (Headmaster), T.Alliott
In the men's staff room 1915
Long Eaton County…
1915 Masters Staff Room at LECSS
Long Eaton County Secondary School
F Mansfield, Eric Cross and F L Attenborough. c.1915
1915c Hockey Team
Hockey team with Jenny Turner
1915c Hockey Team c.1915
FRONT ROW: dk, Jenny Turner, Samuel Clegg
1918c Male Staff.
BACK ROW : 1 ?, 2 John William Adams, 3 dk, 4 dk
FRONT ROW: Mr Crompton?, 2 Samuel Clegg, 3 dk
Other names not known - probably taken between 1911 - 1920. …
1919c Room 6 from the Souvenir Book -
Drawing class in the Chaucer Room (English). From the Jubilee Book: This mural decoration of classrooms was an expression of Mr. Clegg's ideas about presenting…
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
Dave Smith says: My mother, Winifred Ada Platts born 24 June 1899 is sitting in front of the teacher . Miss Evans (French) The girl on the front row first left…
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
Ref. F
1919c Souvenir Book - Art Room
1919c Souvenir Book - Chemistry
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
Teacher CENTRE is: Mr Walter George Culver (Physics)
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
FRONT ROW: 2 Jenny Turner, 4 Miss L Taylor (1905-45 Deputy Head)
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
Teacher in CENTRE is Miss Turner (1913-51)
1919c Souvenir Book - Class
Teacher is Miss Drake. (1911-43)
1919c Souvenir Book - class
Teacher is : Mr Crompton (1919-60)
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