1960 - 61 LEGS 7-a-side Rugby Team
Dave Langley, Pete Clamp ("Wamp"), Alan Gregg (Greggy), Trevor Chrich (TAC).
Dave Wykes, Keith Hodgkinson (Oj, who played with a broken wrist) and Rod Thorpe.…
1960 School Play - HMS Pinafore 1960
No. 25 Gossamer- Published march 1962
P Ellmer, R L Upton and members of the Chorus.
1960-61 Long Eaton Grammar School - Rugby
Again something to do with Rugby and holding a tripod.
Melvyn Walters, Keith Hodgkinson, Alan Gregg, Tony Higton - trying out Mr Hutckinson's new photographic…
1961 (Summer) Form 5A
BACK ROW: John King, Roy Lipscomb, Ron Summers, Ron Collier, John Horobin, Dave Pyle, Graham Fells.
3nd ROW: Dave Weston, Robert Townsend, Everard Longland,…
1961 (Summer) Form 5B
BACK ROWS (STANDING): 1 Lon Perkins, 2 Valerie Wood, 3 Mike Owen, 4 Ann Williams, 5 Robert Thomas, 6. Carol Anne Howard, 7 Andrew McCulloch, 8 Maureen…
1961 A day at the Peak District organised by Mr Pritchard
Chris Sylvester, Carole Toner, dk girl and Andrew McCulloch. In the background - one of the first Minis
Photo from Chris Sylvester
1961 Carole Towner and Chris Sylvester
In downtown Long Eaton! Pre decimal see prices on shop window.
Photo from Chris Sylvester
1961 Colin Hampson tackled by Alan Gregg
Tackling Practice behind Science Block.
Colin Hampson tackled by Alan Gregg.
1961 David Peach and David West
The District Sports day, held at Wilsthorpe school in 1961.
David West beating Dave Peach in the finals to make a district record for the hurdles of 11.6…
1961 Form 5A-2
12th June 1961 Duplicated see one from Ann Williams
Photo from Chris Sylvester
1961 Keith Hodgekinson and Jim Essex
Rugby Training 1961.
Keith Hodgekinson and Jim Essex.
1961 Prefects U6 1960 -61
BACK ROW: 1 Rod Thorpe, 2 Alan Gregg, 3 Keith Wright. 4 Phil Wallace, 5 Duncan Cantrel, 6 dk, 7 Colin Hampson.
FRONT ROW: 1 Josephine M. Appleby, 2 Carol…
1961 Rugby Training
Some strange Rugby ritual happening being the science block. No wonder watching Nottingham Forest was popular! Can anyone tell me what they are doing? Comment…
1961 School Play - A Phoenix too Frequent
Jill Towlson and Trevor Crich
Don't know when in 1961 this was performed?
1961 School Play - Androcles and the Lion
dk, Clive Atkins ? , ... Nunn ?, Stoper? , Cedric Rogers?.
1961 School Play - Androcles and the Lion 1960-61
1961 Clive Atkins, dk, Cedric Rogers, Paula Barsby, dk, dk, Susan Longden, Peter Elmer, Steven Lowe. dk
1961 School Play - Androcles and the Lion 1960-61
P G Ellmer, Hunt , Paula Barsby, J Smith, Falconer, S P Blond, Jill Townsent, Norma Smith, Janet Winnshill, Susan Longden, Brian Musselwhite, Bramley,Chrich,…
1961 School Play - Androcles and the Lion 1960-61
John Storer and Ian Hunt
1961 School Play - Androcles and the Lion 1960-61
1 dk , 2 Could be Tim Smith, 3 Ian Hunt, 4 Clive Atkins, 5 dk, 6 Cedric (aka Sam) Rogers, 7 The Lion don't know poss Stuart Bramley, 8 John Storer, 9 …
1961 School Play 1960-61
Gossamer No. 25 - The magazine of The Long Eaton Grammar School, issued March 1962.
From page 908 of No 25 Gossamer published March 1962: Before the easter…