1963 -64 Rita Baxter and Cynthia Dakin
BACKGROUND: Kev Needham (hand in pocket), Phil Woodward, Michael Young? , dk,.
1963 - 64 ? In the School Hall
LEFT to RIGHT: 1 dk, 2 E Brooks (1945 - 1974) , 3 M Ellis (1952 - ?), 4 J Gray (1960 - ?), 5 R Hough, 6 Mrs G D B Gray, 7 G D B Gray (Headmaster 1957 - 1974).
1963 - 64 School Assembly?
Richard Campion, Christine Cottrill, (possibly Head Boy and Girl but definitely prefects), Mr Calton and Miss Brooks. Says Geoff Carter: Christine Cottrill was…
1963 - 64 Staff v School Hockey Match
This was taken at a staff v School hockey match.
Alan Rothwell, (German and Latin -1960 -64) and Mr Barlow.
1963 - 64 Staff v School Hockey Match
Mr Plampin, Mr Barlow and possibly Roger Davy (Geography).
1963 - 64 The Female Staff Room
Back Row: 1 P Smith, 2 J Norman, 3 M Bottom, 4 Miss Catlow, 5 Miss Jones
Front Row: 1 S Hallam, 2 M Ellis, 3 P Henley, 4 S Bassett, 5 E Brooks, 6 Miss…
1964 04 Geoff Fletcher - Grammar School Teacher
Langdale, Lake District.
1964 04 German Exchange Visit- Mainz Station
Extreme left: Werner Roth and Martin Buczkiewicz - then Mr Jim Alldridge (bow tie)
1964 04 German Exchange Visit
Barry Underwood (in jumper) Gillian Bates (behind - with blue hairband) Martin Buczkiewicz (behind Gillian) Mr Alldridge is last teacher on right.
1964 04 German Exchange Visit
Blurred Teachers: Mr Phillip Harvey, Mr Alldridge, Mr Alan Rothwell, Mr Clive Penman and Mr Barlow.
1964 04 German Exchange Visit
Warzburg dk, dk.
1964 04 German Exchange Visit
Twinned with Long Eaton Grammar School, Einhardt Schule, Seligenstadt.
1964 04 German Exchange Visit to Seligenstadt
Martin Buczkiewicz (left) with his German exchange family.
1964 05 Richard Doron aka Prof.
After school at 106 Wilsthorpe Rd, Breaston (David Wardell's house).
Note the three pens in the pocket. I remember having pens like them with reflective flat…
1964 07 Prefects
BACK ROW: B R Clark, R W Geaves, A M White, P E Brownhill, N F Copeman, C Thorne, D Hosker, V Measures, S Goodjohn, L Speed.
FRONT ROW: J S Wheatley, S Shaw,…
1964 07 School Staff
BACK ROW: 1 P Harvey, 2 C Penman, 3 I Little, 4 C Forster, 5 Trevor Knight, 6 I Pont, 7 T Adkin, 8 C Burrow
3rd ROW: 1 A Rothwell, 2 R Bassett, 3 G…
1964 Form 1C - David Driver's Chemistry Lesson 1963/4
BACK BENCH: Nigel Jackson (smiling), Dave Fox, dk
FRONT BENCH: , Cynthia Rowland, Beverley Humphries, Alyson Dilks.
1964 Form 1C from 1963/4.
BACK ROW: dk, Arlene Wathall (with hair band), Genieve Roberts (standing)
THIRD ROW L-R: Maureen Sutton, Jennifer Hudson, Christine Skidmore?, Joy Easter, Nigel…
1964 Outside Hut A
BACK ROW: Geoff Carter, Geoff Severn.
FRONT ROW: Pete Cousins, Ian Adamson, Dave Thomas (behind), Adrian Ball, Mike Stimpson.
1964 Outside Hut A
Kevin Parker, Andy Henstridge, Martin Buczkiewicz and Kevin Needham.
John Tizard and Dave Atkins