1961 - 62 ? School Play - The Tempest
Puck: J Towlson, Miranda: J Winskill, Prospero: P Ellmer.
No. 26 Gossamer Sept 1963
1961 - 62 ? School Play - The Tempest
Miranda: J Winskill, Ferdinand: T A Chrich.
A similar photo was in the No. 26 Gossamer Sept 1963 and on page 946 it said in 1961 the…
1961 - 62 ? School Play -The Tempest
1961 - 62 Prefects
BACK ROW: (L to R) A R Higton, S J Fielding, C C Rogers, C Durose, T A Chrich, K Hodgkinson.
MIDDLE ROW (L to R) G Campbell, S Longden, J Stanley, K Wood, N…
1961-62 RUGBY TEAM
BACK ROW: Hutch, Melvyn Walters, Steve Clamp, Tony Higton, Stuart Bramley, Tim Smith, Chris Williamson, Adrian Smith, Clive Atkins, and Dave Langley.
1962 6th FORM
BACK ROW: John E Sutton, Clive Atkins, Cedric (Sam) Rogers, Stuart Bramley, Peter Beardsley, David Langley, Andrew Nunn, Steve Webb, Trevor Fox, Chris…
1962 Form 3B Class 1961-62
BACK ROW: 1 Jan Kopinski, 2 Geoff Thomas, 3 David Rippin, 4 Dave Downing, 5 John Holbrook, 6 Mick Newhouse, 7 Ivan Williamson 8 Tony Flint, 9 Alan…
1962 Hike to Derwent Edge
BACK: Steve Shaw, Eric Burdett.
FRONT: Dave Pyle, Alan Gregg, Adrian Smith.
1962 Mr J B C Crompton BA 1919-62
From No. 26 Gossamer Sept 1963 - In January 1963 Mr Crompton the longest member of staff, died after a long illness.
Gossamer No. 25 - The magazine of The Long Eaton Grammar School, issued March 1962.
5th form boys -1962
5th form boys - 1st -? then - Barry Warwick, Robert Adkin and Frank Bagshaw.
6th Form Room
Either 1961 or 1962. Bryan Williams and Mick Griffiths in the 6th form room.
Frosine: A Sabin, Mariane: S Slater, Harpagon: J Hancock.
Anne, Christine and Judith 1962
Anne Willis, Christine Chambers and Judith Scattergood taken at LEGS? in 1962 See also photo in the 'After LEGS' section.
Camping trip to the Lake District
Says Mike Owen: One of the excursions we did in 1962 was a camping trip to the Lake District, with the aim of doing some rock climbing, canoeing and walking.…
Chris Gascoyne
possibly at Slimbridge c.1962
Francis Clegg and Family
Francis Clegg and family at 102 Wilsthorpe Rd, Breaston. In the picture with Mum and Dad are her brothers John and Alistair. They went to Nottingham High…
Geoff Fletcher
Geoff Fletcher (Scruff) Sports Day May 1962.
Geoff Fletcher, Philip Wright 1962
Geoff Fletcher, Philip Wright 1962 (in library grounds returning from School Sports).
LEGS rugby XV, 1961-2
BACK ROW: Hutch, Melv Walters, Steve Clamp, Tony Higton (later famous Methodist leader), Ginner Bramley, (later Prof of Mathematics), Tim Smith, Willi…