Bill (Mac) Stenson
(LEGS 1942)
died 5 July 2012
Mac finally died from cancer after being in remission for many years. He said that owed his extra years to a diet of Mediterranean food and drinking tomato…
Walter Bestwick
(LEGS 1952)
died 01 Feb 2011
Message is from Sheila Williams:
An old school friend has told me the sad news of the death in France of Walter Beswick on 01.02.11. He died from Prostate…
Walter Bestwick
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Newspaper article sent in by Sent by Keith Tyler
William (Bill) James
(LEGS 1962)
died Jan 2011
No other details except that he leaves a wife Mary and that he lived in Long Eaton. Was a keen Radio Ham.
William Geary
LEGS 1954 6th?
Died 16 July 2019
William Geary also known as Bill died 16 July 2019. Funeral was held at Curbar on 1st August 2019. He leaves wife Gillian Eltson who was also at LEGS. Bill was…