1920c LEGS Male Staff
Six Masters sitting around table.
1920s ? The Forge
date unknown - from halftone plate
1920s ? Samuel Clegg the First Headmaster
Samuel Clegg - (Pupil Teachers' Instructor and Headmaster 1896-30). Photograph taken 04 Dec 2005 of large framed photo that hung for many years in the school.
1920s Long Eaton County Secondary School
Pre 1930 when the school was extended by removing the roof and adding a first floor above the single storey part. Taken from the tennis courts.
1920s Long Eaton County Secondary School
Sports day - very blurred and probably very old.
(predated the upper floor extensions in 1930)
1920s Long Eaton County Secondary School
Miss Silk (Geography Mistress 1917-55)
(Pre 1930 when upper floors were added)
1920s School Hall
The Hall, showing east end before the balcony was installed - prior to 1931
1920s The School buildings prior to 1930.
View from the back adjacent to the tennis courts. The chap in the foreground is holding a tennis racket. Note the perimeter wall and the single story building…
1920s The Staff in the early twenties.
BACK ROW: Mr Alliott, Mr Crompton, Miss Edmonds, Miss Silk, Miss Devey (Mrs. Hartshorne), Mr Anderson, Mr Mansfield.
FRONT ROW: Miss Dedicoat, Miss Lowis…
1920s Woodworking
from halftone plate
1921 Eight Masters sitting group
Slightly blurred photo.
1921 Tug of war better photo
A similar photo dated 1921 exists.
1921c Jack Kemp
Left to right: dk, Jack Kemp, dk
Long Eaton County Secondary School c.1921
1921c Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp at the Long Eaton County Secondary School - where he started c.1916. Sammy Clegg planned the school to produce teachers.
1921c Jack Kemp
He matriculated when he was 16. His brother had done teacher training at Notts Uni, but he persuaded his parents that it was not necessary. So Jack went to…
1922c Teachers and School Leavers.
At the Long Eaton County Secondary School - Headmaster Samuel Clegg (Died 1930 ) is seated centre. Others present, but not identified, are William Daykin, N…
1923 School football Team, 1922-23.
Two adults Mr Clegg and Mr Crompton
1924 British Empire Exhibition
Barry? or is it Mr Mansfield?
1925c The Masked Carnival.
Photos says: 'Masked Carnival - Secondary School - Sawley Rd, Long Eaton. The road out side the school was known as Sawley Road at that time and later renamed…
1927 06 Exam Class Form V
BOYS L to R: Haywood, Smart (arms folded), Turpin, Smeeton, Field, Erncot? Stevenson, Fulwood, Horner, Frearson, Sharman.
GIRLS: Margaret? Buswell Travers,…