1962 - 63 ? Male Staff Room
Mr Alldridge (German Teacher started 1958) and Mr Barlow (started 1959)
Date of photo unknown
1962 09 Geoff Carter
It was taken in September 1962 on my 1st week at LEGS. It was in full colour, but unfortunately it spent many years in a frame at my grandmother's house and has…
1962 09 John Plackett
In the School Library - 1962.
1962 10 Roman Ruins at ?
Miss Norman and Mr Pont - slide dated Oct 62
1962 12 School Play -The Miser
Fostine: A Sabin, Mariane: S Slater, Harpagon: J Hancock
From the No. 26 Gossamer Sept 1963
1962 12 School Play -The Miser
Angela Sabin - Performed December 1962
1963 07 Cricket Staff vs School
Dr Burrow and the Staff v School Cricket Match - 18 July 1963.
1963 07 On the School Field
Sharon Rudge, Anne Marriott, Linda Sutton, Iona Ralton and Cynthia Webb.
Cynthia Webb says: This was July 1963 and we were in class 4B.
1963 07 Prefects 1962 - 63
PREFECTS 1962-63 with Mr Cocking.
BACK ROW: B Bowler, C Atkins, R Booth, T Smith, R Summers, J Horobin, J King.
FONT ROW: Eileen Dakin, Christine Cottrill,…
1963 07 Swimming Gala
Teachers: dk, Mr Hopkins, Mr Alldridge, Mr Gray (Headmaster), Mr Fletcher, Mr Gray (Metalwork), Mr Askew, Mrs Jones, Miss Smith, Miss Catlow, Miss Bottom, Mrs…
1963 07 Swimming Gala
July 15 1963.
1963 07 Swimming Gala Spectators
Shown are: Mr Bassett (standing), Mr Hopkin, Mr Alldridge, Mr Fletcher, Mr Rothwell, Mrs Jones, Miss Smith, Miss Catlow, Miss Bottom, Mrs Forster, Miss Brooks,…
1963 07 Swimming Gala Spectators
Christine Chambers, Judith Scattergood, Susan Casboult, Helen Thompson, Elaine Taylor, Diane Widdowson
July 15 1963
1963 Class 2D 1962 - 63
Names on next photo.
1963 Class 2D 1962 - 63
BACK ROW (6 Boys - BLUE): 1 Michael Teates, 2 Tony Hassal, 3 Peter Rix, 4 Stephen Parker, 5 Tony Phelps and 6 Tony Bricknell.
3rd ROW (8 boys RED): 1 Paul Few,…
1963 Class 5 - 1 (Boys)
STAND AT THE BACK: German visitor.
MIDDLE ROW: Nigel Andrews, German visitor, Doug Smith, David Johnson, John Hill
FRONT ROW: Roy Wheatley, Jim Raynor, Trevor…
1963 Class 5 - 1 (Girls )
BACK ROW: 1 Kay Johnson and 2 Andrea Hales.
MIDDLE ROW: 1 Maureen Quick?, 2 June Bunker, 3 Sue Mc Dougall, 4 Sharron Rudge, 5 Cynthia Webb, 6 Iona Ralton, 7…
1963 Cricket Practice Nets
David Sanderson, John Stone batting and Phil Woodcock behind the stumps. At short leg is Dave Smith.
1963 Cricket Practice Nets
FAR RIGHT is John Tizzard.
BACK: Christina (Nina) Marden, Phil Woodcock, dk, Dianne Adderley.
MIDDLE: poss Christine Wooley and Elizabeth (Liz)…
1963 Cricket Practice Nets
Carole Archer and John Stone. Is it Phil Woodcock behind the stumps still?