Dave Weston
LEGS 1976 U6
Died May 2015
Dave Weston (“Smiler”, U6 1976) died in May 2015, after a brave fight with cancer. Funeral held at Long Eaton. He leaves behind a wife and 3 young children and…
David Archer
LEGS 1955
Died 29 May 2008
From MICK LORD: David John Archer.
David died 29 May 2008 from Motor Neurone disease.
He left LEGS in 1955 to take a degree at Liverpool University.A lifelong…
David Driver
died 21 May 2014
LEGS U6 1951
David Driver, aged 38ish.
David Driver has died aged 82 and his funeral will be at Bramcote Crematorium at 11am on the 11th June 2014. David was a pupil (1943…
David Marshall
LEGS 1971 U6
Died 15 March 2016
David Marshall is pictured here playing the guitar. This newspaper clipping (Folk Night c.1970) was sent by Sargon Isaac who is on the far right. Others are…
David Newton
LEGS 1962?
Died Dec 2006
About five years ago, I discovered David on Friends Reunited and we resumed contact, (although…
David Pettefar
LEGS 1947 - 1954
Died April 2004
From Barrie Waby: David died of a heart attack April 2004. Yet another of my year!
from Michael Amos: I may have mentioned elsewhere on this site. Dave was my…
David Sharlott
LEGS 1953
David Sharlott LEGS 1947 - 1953
From Barrie Waby: Sadly David died July 09 of cancer. He was lke myself in the Lower sixth in 53. I hadn't seen him for many…
David Simpson
(LEGS 1968-70 -5th)
Died 4 Nov 2012
Says John Simpson: My brother David (right) died aged 58 from cancer on the 4th November 2012. David attended the Long Eaton Grammar School for the 4th and 5th…
David Wardell
LEGS 68 U6
Died 18 Sept 2006
From JOHN SIMPSON: David Wardell died suddenly on Monday 18th September 2006 of cancer of the pancreas. His death came as a great shock to me as I had no idea…
David Way
LEGS 1944 5th
Died Oct 2019
Married to Sheila Cornel (also from LEGS) and both involved in organising reunions.
Denny Davies
(Head 1974 -83)
died 23 March 2013
Mr G W R Davies known as Denny has died on Saturday 23 March 2013. He was Headmaster at Long Eaton School from 1974 to 1983. Denny along with his wife Audrey…
Des Rogers
LEGS 1948 U6th
Died 15 March 2016
Message dated 9 April from Ray Stokes:
Des Rogers passed away on the 15th March 2016. He was in a care home and didn't know his family any more, he must have…
Diane Lewis
LEGS 1967 - 5th
died 2006
This is just to inform everyone that I have discovered that Diane Lewis (same year as myself) died in 2006.
Sue Donaghie nee Merriman (Poss now…
Dianne Rasmussen
LEGS 1968 - 6th
died 2021
Dianne Rasmussen died after a short illness in hospital on the 19 March 2021. We were both newcomers to the Grammar School joining the Lower 6th in September…
Dick Harris
LEGS U6 1960
Died ?
Don Kingerley
LEGS 1951
Died Jan 2017
Don was quite an eminent corrosion scientist.
News reported by Tom Syson
Duncan Cantrell
(LEGS U6 1960)
Died Sept 1999
Duncan Syson
LEGS 1960 U6
Died ?
Rev. David Rees
(Teacher 1967-74)
died Jan 2015
David Rees (Reverend Mr) (married Janet Orrell also from LEGS)
The Reverend David Rees has died aged 76 - (mid January 2015). He was a Religious Instruction …