1958 02 Speech Day 12 February 1958
Gillian Barsby receives the German Prize from Professor Dobinson (presenter) and Mr Hough (Assistor).
1958 07 Class 5A
BACK ROW: Ken Parker, Duncan Cantrell, Roy Bembridge, John Spencer, Phil Wallace, Frank Grundy, Mike Wilkins and Mick Bull.
FOURTH ROW: Ian Talbot, Ray…
1958 07 Class 5A Autographs
Autographs on back of preceding photo.
1958 07 Form 5B (1957 - 58)
BACK ROW: Geoff Weaver, Terry Brennan, Jim Copson, Dick Harris, Duncan Syson and John Drinkwater.
MIDDLE ROW: Barry Doughall, Keith Pollett, Pat Allen, Keith…
1958 07 Prefects (1)
STANDING: Christine Hooley, Janice Barker, Barbara Norman, Sandra McDonald, Robert Barratt, Harry Cope, Robert Paulson.
SEATED: Jennifer Woodcock, Patricia M…
1958 07 Prefects (2)
STANDING: Christine Hooley, Janice Barker, Barbara Norman, Robert Paulson, Robert Barratt, Harry Cope, Martyn Taylor.
SEATED: Jennifer Woodcock, Patricia M…
1958 07 The Importance of Being Earnest
R Stevenson, Pauline Miles, J K Thorpe, Jane Alford, M Taylor, Diana Clementson, A Fawcett, Patricia Woodrow, B Turner.
1958 07 The Importance of Being Earnest
Jane Alford (Gwendolen) and M Turner (Jack)
1958 07 The Importance of Being Ernest
Diana Clementson (Cecily) and A Fawcett (Algernon)
1958 Celia Earnshaw
Celia Earnshaw taken in 1958 aged 15.
1958 Form 3A (1957 - 58)
BACK ROW: Barry Gamble, Mike Abbott, Miss Lockwood (form teacher), Stuart Bramley, Peter Blood, M Griffiths, Mick Davis, Raymond Scott, Brian Musselwhite. 2nd…
1958 Girls Hockey Team
BACK ROW: Margaret Cunniffe.
MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Hearn, Marlene Gimson, Patricia Smith, Joy Rose and Gail Gunston.
FRONT ROW: Gillian Barsby, Priscilla Ancliffe,…
1958 Girls on the School Steps
BACK ROW: Diana Foster
MIDDLE ROW: Gillian Cambell, Paula Barsby.
FRONT ROW: Jennifer Moore, Patricia Smith and Gillian Barsby.
1958 Girls Tennis Team
BACK: Gail Gunston.
MIDDLE: Sandra McDonald and Gillian Barsby.
FRONT: Patricia Smith, Jennifer Moore and Evelyn Ellis.
1958 Lower 6th Class Photo
BACK ROW: Martin Radford, Keith Thorpe, Michael Wright, Michael Edmond.
MIDDLE ROW: Jean Hall, John Riddle (Jimmy), Barbara Davies, Peter Tindale, Pat…
1958 School 1st XI Cricket
BACK ROW: Martin Radford, Howard Robins, Mick Fletcher, Stuart Young, John Fox.
FRONT ROW: Roger Graham, Bob Paulson, Bob Lowe, Jeff Hopewell, Graham Hitchin,…
1958 Staff Cricket Team
BACK ROW: 1 Robert (Bob) Wallis (Umpire, ex pupil), 2 Mr Roger Boardman (Physics/Chemistry), 3 Mr Laurie Andrew (Maths), 4 Mr Ivor Atkinson, known as FRAS…
1958 Staff sitting on a Wall
Miss Forster (Biology), Miss Ellis (English), Miss Brooks (History), Miss Lockwood (French) Miss Holt (Art and English) Mr Sanders (Art)
Please note:…
1958 Trent Captains
BACK ROW: Miss Brooks, Marlene Gimson, Patricia Smith, Gillian Campbell, Miss Ellis.
FRONT ROW: Janice Barker, Gillian Barsby, Rhona Millais, Priscilla…
1958 Trent Cricket Team
BACK ROW: Stuart Futter, Roger Graham and Wilf Barsby.
MIDDLE ROW: Mick Tudbury, George Roberts, John Roberts and Rod Thorpe.
FRONT ROW: Mick Fletcher, John…