1957 The 1st Tennis Team
Ann Fordham, Barbara Downing, Patricia Smith, Sandra McDonald, Jennifer Moore, Gillian Barsby.
1957 06 Miss C Walker.
standing outside the front of the school building.
1957 06 Miss C Walker
Same photo as before but coloured in Photoshop by Peter Preston.
1957 07 Form 5R
BACK ROW: Ken Jeffs, Brian Clifton, John Shaw, John Walters, Michael Hazzledine.
3rd ROW: Jake Taylor, John Hutchings, Michael Duriez, Harry Cope, Bob…
1957 07 Form 1C
Miss Walker's Class: Almost the same photo as the previous one!
BACK ROW: 1a dk, 1 Terry Potter, 2 Robert Thomas, 3 Michael…
1957 07 Form 1C
BACK ROW: 1 Terry Potter, 2 Robert Thomas, 3 Michael Frearson, 4 Phil Turner, 5 John Sims, 6 ?Ted Broadhurst, 7 Kenneth Ryder, 8 Michael White, 9 David…
1957 07 Headmasters F E Roberts and G D B Gray
The 2nd and 3rd Headmasters of Long Eaton Grammar School.
Photo from No 22 Gossamer published July 1957
1957 07 Mr Wright and Form 5R
Group outside the main door with Mr P Wright (French 1949 - ?).
Same photo as previous photo but taken by last boy on back row and now includes Mr Wright
1957 07 Photos from The Gossamer
The School Hall and pupils playing in a band.
Photo from No 22 Gossamer published July 1957
1957 07 PREFECTS 1956 -57
BACK ROW: Tim Lee, Bill Panton (aka John), Brian Clifton, Colin Hallam, Trevor Adkin (Head Boy).
MIDDLE ROW: Anne Ward, Barbara Downing (Head Girl), Stephanie…
1957 Cricket - Mr Gray Going Out to Bat
Headmaster Mr Gray going out to bat for LEGS Staff v Derbyshire Education Committee 1957
Photo from No. 3 Gossamer July 1958
1957 Girl's Hockey Team
BACK ROW: Sandra McDonald, Yvonne Harnan, Ann Fordham, Patricia Smith, Janet Baldy, Gillian Barsby.
FRONT ROW: Ruth Hearn, Gillian Smith, Janet Wild, Barbara…
1957 Girl's Hockey Team Signatures
on back of previous photo.
1957 Staff Cricket Team
BACK ROW: 1 Mr Ivor Atkinson, known as FRAS (Maths), 2 Mr Roy Dillingham (Maths), 3 Mr Colin Calton (Maths), 4 Mr Laurie Andrew ( Maths), 5 Arthur King (Guest –…
1957 Start of the 220 yard Race
For 13 -15 year olds 1957.
dk, Stuart Young, dk, Colin Whitby, Clive Marsden, Roy Townsend and ?Peter Jackson.
The Gossamer records the results 1 Clive…
1957 The 2nd Hockey Team 1956 - 57
BACK ROW: Nancy Coleman, Janet Porter, Sandra Harvey, Marlene Gimson, Betty Saxelby ?, Sally Holt.
FRONT ROW Heather Davenport, Stephanie Fairman, Jean Hall,…
1957 The 2nd Rounders Team
BACK ROW: Margaret Cunniffe, Stephanie Fairman, Janet Lowe, Janet Baldy,
FRONT ROW: Sally Holt, Heather Davenport, Gillian Smith, Janet Porter, Iris Hitchen
Pip Wright - French Master
French Master Mr (Pip) Wright - was the 'slipper too soft?'.
Social Event - girls at Long Eaton Grammar
Gillian Barsby, Janet Wilmot, Joyce Stimpson, Sylvia Humphrey, Pat Woodrow and Jean Hall.
The Italian Trip
John Spencer (sitting), John Drinkwater, Italian policeman, Richard Innes-Lumsden (semi sitting), Pat Allen, and Mick Fletcher. The photo was taken in 1957, …