Jacqui Wheeldon
LEGS 1970 U6
Died 31/May 2013
Jacqui Wheeldon sadly lost her battle with cancer on the 31st May 2013. She was a pupil leaving in 1970 in the U6th and she came back to teach at the school and…
James Mansfield
LEGS 1937
Died 29 Jan 2017
James died on 29th January 2017. Leaving wife Valerie and daughters Jackie and Margot who both attended LEGS. Their Grandfather Freddy Mansfield was a French…
Jan Jacques
LEGS 1973 U6
DOD Sept 2023
From Tony Young (LEGS 1971 U6): Sadly my wife Janet (Jan) Young née Jacques (LEGS 6th 1973) passed away on Sunday 17th September after a long illness. She was…
Jane Maxwell
LEGS 1955?
Died 02 Aug 2008
Jane Matthewman nee Maxwell died 02/08/2008
From KEITH MATTHEWMAN: She was 72 and our 46th wedding anniversary would have been on 20 October 2008. Her funeral…
Janet Smith
LEGS 1946 - 52
DOD Oct 2009
Janet Rea (nee SMITH), wife of the Rev Michael Rea. The Funeral Service was held at Ockbrook Moravian Church on 31.10.09. Both attended LEGS 1946-1952.
LEGS 1970 U6
Sept? 2017
Info from Stef Majer. Jeff Paling has died from a heart attack sometime in mid Aug 2017. Not sure when. Information Received Sept 2017.
Jennie Gentis
LEGS c.1936 U6
Died Nov 2007
From the Guardian News website: Jeannine Alton nee Gentis
Guiding young people through the pleasures of advanced French.
Jeannine Alton, who has died aged…
Jim Copson
LEGS U6 1960
Died Sept 1999
Joan Comery
LEGS 1932?
Died Sept 2010
This message was sent to me fromTony Plackett.
Yesterday 8/09/10 I attended the funeral of my Aunt Joan PLACKETT (nee COMERY) (in Selby Yorkshire) who was a…
John (Alf) Plumb
LEGS 1967 U6th
Died Oct 2009,
Alfred (John) PLUMB. Suddenly passed away on October 17th 2009, aged 59 years.
The following tribute was written by Kevin Palmer and was published in the…
John Gray
Woodwork Teacher
Died 16 Feb 2013
John Gray, pictured centre, the woodwork and metalwork teacher who was at LEGS during the 1960’s , passed away on 16th February, aged 94, following a fall in…
John King
LEGS 1963? U6th
Died May 2016
John King (LEGS 1963? U6?), around mid-May info from Irene Winter (Lunn)
John Stone
(left LEGS 1966)
died 15 Mar 2010
I'm sad to report that John Stone died of a stroke on 15th March 2010. John left Long Eaton Grammar School in the 5th form in 1966 and worked at Nottingham…
John Walters
Died July 2001
John Walters died July 2001

From Paula Barsby
Johnny Sims
LEGS 1961 5th
Died 12/05/2014
extract from 1960 Panoramic part 6 of 6
Johnny Sims (LEGS 1961 5th) passed away on Monday 12th May 2014. He started at LEGS in summer 1956, joining from…
Julian Driver
6th Form c.1968-70
Died 05 06 2013
Julian Driver who attended Long Eaton School VIth Form c. 1968-70 died on the 5th June 2013. Julian is the son of LEGS pupil and chemistry teacher - David…