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Long Eaton County Secondary School 1928
NAMES AS LISTED - not sure of order - may be front row right to left and back a row repeat?:

Kathleen Quiningborough, E R Evans, Sam Clegg, Brecknock, M Radford, L Krause, R West, B D Turpin, E Stevenson, M Taylor, A E Smeeton, A W Field, R Woodward, H Hooley, Denis J S Corbett, H Stenson, H Horner?

names may run from bottom right to left then up a row right to left. Please email me with anyone you recognise.

Photo from Richard Guise.

Only 4 known names:

BACK ROW: 1 Ralph West,

MIDDLE ROW: 5 Leonard Krause (Len),

FRONT ROW: Centre; Sam Clegg, E R Evans could be - Miss Ellen(?).Rhys Evans( French), far right; Kathleen Quiningborough.

Comments from Mac Stenson: A further interesting thought is that the Girl listed as E.R.Evans could possibly be the Miss Ellen(?).Rhys Evans who was the lady who taught my all the French I know at LECSS from 1936 through 1941,She was a fantastic teacher. I can still remember her first lesson when I was a new boy in Form 1B (Robert Noble- his first class too)

She wrote on the board (in phonetic script)

Quand j'été petit, je n´'été pas grand

j'allais å l;école comme les petits enfants

At that time I had never seen any phonetic script and had no clue what she was writing.- but it stuck in my mind for all these years- 72 to be almost exact.

She must have been a damn good teacher!

Further Comments from Jeremy Krause: Your LEGS photograph of 1928 shows Leonard (Len) Krause my father and Ralph West. My father would be c17 years old. He was born 19th Sept 1911. He died in 2007 aged 96!

Photo reference: legs1928c