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Panoramic and Form Photos
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Long Eaton School 5th form (5A3) - 1977
BOYS - Michael Thomson, Martin Wright, Trevor Selwood, James Frisby, Richard Kaye, Steven McIntyre, Philip Brown, Jeffrey Pick, Ian Pritchard, Timothy Hinds, Kevin Beresford, Barry Smith, Mark Wilcox, Lee Glazier, Steve Hopkins, Mark Merriman.

GIRLS -BACK ROW: - Christine Wardle, Lynn Bates, Tina Yerrel, Leslie Monahan, Julie Stokes and Jaqueline Gill.

GIRLS FRONT ROW: - Claire Hind, Susan Holdsworth, Debra Barnes, Dawn Jackson, Susan Nelson, Sally Burt, Beverly Cross and Victoria Drew.

Absent - Stephen Foster
Photo from Lee Glazier

Photo reference: 001b