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The Prisoner LEGS 1967 Production
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The Prisoner - LEGS 1967
The Prisoner - LEGS 1967 (10 mins - Silent poor quality)
Film was produced in 1967 by pupils who attended LEGS. Directed by David Driver.

Angela Feetham
Richard Doron
Chris Kublicki
Phillip Benham
Kevin Tribbensee
Robert Casboult
Paul Winter.
Jackie Mansfield - in rugby top and leather jacket .
Sandra Robotham
David Wardell - SS Guard.
John Plackett in the scarf
Geoff Flint
Vic Pelech
Chris Gascoiyne is SS Guard
Carol Eggleton - is girl who injects herself.
Lorna Metheringham - girl in glasses
David Martin aka Daz is Commandant Klaust
Filmed on location at Grange School. Film from Long Eaton Library donated by Rachel Driver
Photo reference: Prisoner-02a