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Panoramic and Form Photos
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Long Eaton Grammar School Class 2b - 1950
BACK ROW: John Ward, Derek Barber, David Kirk, Dave Lawton.

ROW 5: Malc (Mally) Parsons, Mr Dillingham, Judith Futter, Chris Pile, Ken Furmidge.

ROW 4: Thelma Hunt, gap in row and back a bit is: Joy Skinner (sitting in front of mr Dillinger), gap and then Bill Panton (hand on hand), Cliff Middleton (with Piles hand on his shoulder).

ROW 3: Janet Beadsworth, Bill Robinson, gap in row then: Graham Hall, gap in row then: Celia Featherstone, Barbara Willey.

ROW 2: Brenda Liddington, Gillian Elston, Bryn Barry, Brian Coates, Roger Smith (with Coates hand on shoulder), Johny Francis (with hand across heart), Silvia Bourne (with glasses),

FRONT ROW: Merle Merriman, Jill Winfield, Janet Gilder, Janet Haynes, Beryl Gillingham, Janet Hicks.

Photo and caption from Graham Hall - additional names from Michael Amos (Pip)
Photo reference: 1950-2b-gh