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A-sitting on the wall DD-c
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Build like a bomb shelter?
What is the strange building? Behind it is the Green House with Chimney. It looks like a bomb shelter and appears to be crudely contructed of either bricks or concrete blocks. There is a door opening on the right and to the left is what looks like a roller shutter door like on a garage. This may have been where the lawn mowers was stored. Roof looks to be flat and appears to be grassed! I'd be interested to hear from anyone who remembers this building.

John Woods thinks it was a machine store.

John Richards says: The "ugly building" does indeed look like the grounds keeper's shack.
Gaffer as we called him. He did store lawnmowers in there and had his "office" in the other end. On really cold days if we could (or were not allowed?) into the huts which were our form room, he would let us stand just inside the bulding shack. We were not supposed to, but again........ I seem to recall he had a fire or stove of some sort to heat the place.

Christine Sykes: The “ugly looking building” was an air raid shelter,

Arthur Hawtin: The "ugly looking building" was indeed (originally, anyway) an air-raid shelter, of a standard design that was widely used in S Derbyshire (and perhaps other areas too).I don't think it was used for anything other then storage of old (damaged) desks, chairs and similar junk.

Says David Driver: The 'ugly' building was, originally, an air-raid shelter, but by the time I started to teach at the School (1960), lt was used as a wood store.
Photo reference: A-sitting on the wall_DD-c