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Long Eaton Grammar School

Ground Floor Plan with links to rooms
the heads office on the ground floor

Ground Floor Plan 1911 - 1935

Long Eaton Grammar School Lower floor 1911 - 1935 Cookery Room French Room  (French Mural) History Room (Tudor Mural) Chaucer Room Woodwork Room photo of the middle corridor, stairs and head's study hall

Ground Floor Plan 1935 - 1967 (Science Block not shown)

image of the ground floor plan room 9 room 10 Old Entrance Lobby room 5a not sure but side of room 5a stairs to balcony store room staff loo heads office corridor -grd floor east lower corridor room 8 room 7 stairs boys wc room 5 room 4 room 3 room 2 room 1 store under stairs stairs girls toilet entrance E4 west wing corridor Room 6 H1 - was back of the old hall under balcony. corridor leading to front entrance room 6a old school hall middle corridor near stairs s2 room 6b - was boy's changing room Room 4a Lower East
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