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13 November 2013 (newsletter sent to 512)

12 November 2013

Stefan Majer tells me that Lloyd Merrit, a member of the 1963 intake, has recently died in France where he had lived for many years.

26 October 2013

18 October 2013

Patricia Wright (LEGS 1954 - 5th Form) has died in Adelaide, Australia on the 10 Sept 2013. Information from Dennis Godfrey and Joan Streets.

9 October 2013

Photo from Mike Stimpson of French Exchange Trip c.1966

6 October 2013

Richard Guise and Kevin Palmer are organising reunion for those who started school in the 1st form 50 years ago in Sept 1963. Also welcome are any that joined this group part way through. To clarify, that would mean that you would have normally have left school either June 1968 - 5th Form or June 1970 - U6. It so happens that this was the last 11 plus intake! The reunion is to be held at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook - DE72 3SE - on Sat 30th November 2013 starting at 7.30pm. Please contact Richard Guise on 07884 432011 for details.

26 September 2013

2 Photos from Chris Sylvester in the 1961 Folder.

25 August 2013

In the As We are Now folder: Caroline Marshall, Judy Kingscott and Merle Merriman.

08 August 2013

3 Photos c.1962 from John Plackett. They show David Bennett & Brian Throup, Chris Gascoyne and an unknown. I wonder if it is Joe Waring?

18 July 2013

Paul Dubberley a friend of Richard Brentnall asks: Richard was a dear friend if ours, who I believe left Long Eaton Grammar around 1968. He sadly and tragically passed away in Spain recently and I just wondered if anyone had any memories or photos of him to share on our memory page.

We will be in the area on Sunday (21 July 2013) scattering his ashes near his parents and sister. He was the last in his family line.

I hope you don't mind me emailing, as we have found no contacts for him around Nottingham and maybe you could post a message about this.

He had a great life, lived his dream, retired to Spain

If anyone any has a photos or information about Richard then please contact me (John Simpson) and I'll pass on the email address of Paul.)

10 July 2013

Before and after photos of Derby Road School Swimming pool. This was used by LECSS and other schools in the area in the 1930s probably before the Lido at Station road was constructed.

24 June 2013 (Newsletter sent 498)

Photos added from Paula Barsby's scrap book.:Newspaper cutting of L6th 1952, 4 Photos in 1952 - swimming gala, 4 photos 1955 , 3 photos 1956 and in 1961 - 1 photo of Androcles and the Lion.

23 June 2013

Elaine Dumelow and Peter Konowalik are organising a reunion at 7.30pm on Saturday 29th June 2013 for a belated celebration to end of 'A' levels!!! If you took your A'Levels in June 1973 and would like to come please contact Elaine on 07939923618.

20 June 2013

David Driver (Chemistry Teacher) has informed me of the sad news of death of his son Julian Driver who attended Long Eaton School VIth Form c. 1968-70. The woodland burial is scheduled for 11:30am (arrive c 11:15) 25th June at Olney Green Burial, Yardley Road, Buckinghamshire, MK46 5EH (phone - 01234 241 808). http://www.olneygreenburial.co.uk/

13 June 2013

02 April 2013 in advance of date

For those of you who enjoyed the LEGS Film Society you might be interested in joining the Erewash Film society which is in the process of being re-formed at the Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Club. For more details contact John Blackburn (LEGS 1953) on 0115 9732710.

01 April 2013 (Newsletter sent to 496)

Sad news: Mr G W R Davies known as Denny has died on Saturday 23 March 2013. He was Headmaster at Long Eaton School from 1974 to 1983. The funeral is on Friday 5 April 2013 at 1pm at Altrincham Crematorium. Post Code for directions is: WA14 5RH. Denny along with his wife Audrey attended the School's Centenary Celebrations during July 2010. He was very proud of his association with the school.

27 March 2013

Mary Weston contacted me: I am sorry to say that my friend, Karen Ecclestone, nee Lauberts died just before Christmas last year. We were at LEGS in the early 70s – we are on the 1971 school photo. Karen stayed for A levels. I assume karen would have left LEGS sixth form in 1973 or thereabouts.

21 March 2013

More photos from Martin Buczkiewicz: Football and Rugby Team badges, 3 photos in 1965 folder, 4 photos in 1966 folder, 3 photos in 1967 folder, 1 photo in 1968 folder, 1 photo in 1970 folder and 2 photos in 'As We are Now'. Includes football teams, Ski trip, a party and LEGS girlfriends at Summer Ball with Messrs Stimpson and Buczkiewicz.

13 March 2012

John Gray, the woodwork and metalwork teacher who was at LEGS during the 1960’s , passed away on 16th February 2013, aged 94, following a fall in his home.

24 February 2013

Issue No 1 - printed in 1912 - of the Long Eaton County School Annual scanned and uploaded to legsreunited.

29 January 2013

Former French teacher Geoff Prime has died October 2012 aged 84. He started at Long Eaton Grammar school in 1949 and left in 1959 to be deputy headmaster at Ross Grammar School. Further details: The Ross Gazette

06 January 2013

Photos from Martin Buczkiewicz - 1962 - Mr Pont in a Roman Ruin, 1963 MB and Barton Coach, 1964 - 9 photos at LEGS and German Exchange Trip.

18 December 2012

14 December 2012

I have reproduced an extract from an article written by Ashley Franklin about Holbrook Village that appeared in the Jan 2008 edition of Derbyshire Life magazine. The extract is about the Gaslight Gallery and Charles Forster - who taught art at the Long Eaton Grammar School.

13 December 2012

Photos from John Horobin - 2 photos of Trip to Lincoln c.1961 and 13 photos of the making of a School Film c.1962.

10 December 2012 (newsletter sent to 396)

A special tree is being planted as part of the Tree Council's - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Project. All old scholars are invited to the planting ceremony which is at 11.00 hrs 11th December 2012. Meet at 10.45 at new school Reception. (which is off Thoresby Road)


More details on the Forum and on the legsreunited page on Facebook. Please use Facebook to feedback your comments and memories.

9 December 2012

Sad news: Phil Payne (LEGS 1969 U6) passed away last Wednesday - 5th December 2012. Phil was a regular contributor to many of the posts on the legsreunited facebook page and also gave me much appreciated advice with the technical aspects of this web site. He also was a keen photographer and over a 100 of his photos taken at school are displayed in the Phil Payne Folder. You can read his on line Autobiography and why he took his own life. It was meticulously planned and he programmed messages to be sent after he died. RIP Phil. You are a brave man and will be missed. Phil requested to be cremated and no funeral service.

21 November 2012

02 October 2012 (Newsletter sent to 411)

Phil Payne is organising our annual reunion which will be held on Saturday 29th December 2012 AT LUNCHTIME. The venue has yet to be determined - more later - but it will be a hostelry within easy walking distance of Long Eaton railway station. Please note this date in your diary if you are interested - it is open to anyone who went to the Long Eaton Grammar School or it's predecessor The Long Eaton County Secondary School.

Lunchtime has been chosen to allow more people time to travel to and from the venue - especially those using public transport.

06 August 2012

Photos from John Horobin. Sports day 1960 and Swimming Gala and Mr Pont on a school trip - both during 1961.

04 July 2012

14 June 2012

Photo of a Tram art work by Chrles Forster (Art Teacher)

12 June 2012

Photos from Geoff Carter taken on his first week at school and also one of his grandfather with other Long Eaton Firemen posing for a photo on the school steps.

17 April 2012

REUNION: Long Eaton School – Class of ‘82 -30th Anniversary Re-Union

Tickets from:

03 April 2012

A photo of The Gaslight Gallery - displaying pottery made by Charles Forster (Art Teacher) .

12 March 2012

08 March 2012

18 February 2012

7 Photos from Keith Bowler taken in 1964.

08 February 2012

06 February 2012

04 February 2012

02 February 2012

05 January 2012

29th December 2011

Photo of the festive get together held at The White Lion at Sawley.

21 Dec 2011 (Newsletter sent to 493)

You are invited to join Phil Payne, myself and others for a Festive Season get together starting at 7pm on Wednesday 28th December 2011 at the White Lion at Sawley. (352 Tamworth Rd, NG10 3AT) Traveling out of Long Eaton it is on the right hand side, just past the Wilne Road turning and opposite the Church. (open to all years)

05 December 2011

Congratulations to Paula Barsby, (LEGS reunion organiser) who became an MBE. She said: It was a wonderful experience. The Queen asked me what I did and I told her I had been a magistrate for 37 years and involved with the Brownies for 52 years.

14 November 2011 (Newsletter sent 492)

03 November 2011

19 October 2011

Christine Herkes-Smith, nee Cluroe, passed away peacefully in France, where she was also buried, on 6th October 2011. She had been ill with cancer for many years. Her son, Rob, has set up a memorial web page. On it there are some photos of Christine as we remember her at school.

13 October 2011 (Newsletter sent out 494)

If you do not receive my newsletter and would like to then please email me. If you no longer receive newsletters, please check your spam folder or has your email address changed?

Photo of the Centenary Trophy being presented to Neil Calvert by John Simpson, Kevin Palmer and David Negus. The trophy was purchased from money left over from organising the Centenary Reunions last October and is to presented to pupils annually for doing outstanding work to help others.

12 October 2011

You are invited to join Phil Payne and myself and others for a Festive Season get together starting at 7pm on Wednesday 28th December 2011 at the White Lion at Sawley. (352 Tamworth Rd, NG10 3AT) This pub has recently been refurbished and serves real ales, has 3 separate rooms all with real fires. Large car park and within walking distance of Sawley Railway Station. (0.6 miles - 12 minutes) This invitation is open to all years. Further reminders will be given nearer the time, but please put this date in your diary if you would like to come and join us.

11 October 2011

Roger Graham and Peter Leivars have attempted to get all the names attributed to the Panoramic Photos taken of the whole school for years 1953, 1957 and 1960. There are just 9 names missing! Can you help find these names? The 9 unidentified pupils are shown in a new folder of Missing Names. Are there any volunteers prepared to undertake the same task for the 1964 and 1971 panoramic photos?

04 October 2011

Class Photo c. 1915 - from Paula Barsby's collection.

01 October 2011

Photos of the 2001 Reunion of Class of the 1955 - from Paula Barsby

16 September 2011

PHOTOS from Dieter Bode the German Assistant from 1965 to 66.

29 August 2011

25 June 2011

Photo added to the 'As We Are Now' folder of Annelie Wilde with Geoff Carter.

22 June 2011

Names on the 1960 Panoramic Photo completely checked and revised by Roger Graham with the help of his team of " volunteers ". Names are almost 100% complete.

14 June 2011

07 June 2011

23 May 2011

17 May 2011

08 May 2011

09 April 2011

08 March 2011 (Newsletter sent)

18 February 2011 (Newsletter sent to 502)

29 January 2011

25 January 2011

03 January 2011

Photos from Graham Hall: Cricket Team 1952, Cricket Team 1953 and Class 2b 1950.


24 December 2010 (Newsletter)

Newsletter sent out to 499 addresses. If you have contacted me by email at some stage in the past then you should get a newsletter. I have had quite a few failed addresses this time and in all probability the recipient has changed email address and not informed me.

23 December 2010

A few of us are meeting at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook tonight at 8.00pm. You are welcome to join us.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

22 December 2010

12 November 2010

Photos from Adrian Otsa and Roger Graham added to the Reunion Section. Also photo from Roger of his meeting with Dennis Brammer at The Queens Head in 'As we are now' folder.

09 November 2010

06 November 2010 (Newsletter sent to 493)

Photos of Centenary Reunions held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October 2010.

I'm sad to report 3 recent deaths.

29 October 2010

27 October 2010

Some tickets still available for the Centenary Reunion.

21 October 2010

18th October 2010

Tickets are still available for the Centenary Reunion. See the Attendance List to see who else is coming.

14 October 2010 (Newsletter sent to 497)

A REMINDER: Applications for tickets to the Centenary Reunion should be have been sent by Friday 15th October. We will accept a limited number of late applications.

18 September 2010 (Newsletter sent to 494)

The School was officially opened on 29th October 1910 and a special CENTENARY REUNION is to be held at the old school buildings on the evenings of Friday and Saturday 29th & 30th October 2010. It is open to pupils (of all eras), teachers and anyone connected with the school. Please spread the word and hold your reunion at the school on this special occasion. Click for more details and application form.

10 September 2010

Forum access controls have been changed and it now is open to view topics by anyone. You only need to login to be able to reply to an existing post or to start a new post. Also you will need to login to view other member's details. Please let me know if you cannot access the forum this way.

09 September 2010

03 September 2010

01 September 2010 (Newsletter sent to 392)

18 August 2010

New photos:

4 August 2010

A collection of Short Videos taken at the opening of the Centenary Celebrations by David Driver and Phil Payne.

29 July 2010

The Oldies Photo Collection - from John Eley and David Driver. PHOTO from Geoff Carter of Room 11 - was his Art room in the 60s now his Office.

27 July 2010

Teachers' Autographs collected in 1948 by Barbara Knowles. Also newspaper cutting sent in by Sargon Isaac about a folk group which performed at The Peoples Hall. It featured Sargon, Dave Marshall and Steve Saunderson.

23 July 2010

PHOTOS taken at the Centenary Celebration Open Days held at The Long Eaton School. Names please?

14 July 2010

Centenary Timetable of events published.

6 th July 2010 (newsletter sent to 384)

Some places available for Saturday's tours to old school building. If you would like to come please look at the CENTENARY PAGE.

15 June 2010 (newsletter sent to 380)

22 May 2010

To celebrate the school's centenary, pupils and staff, past and present, are invited to open days to be held at the new school buildings on Friday 16th and Saturday 17 July 2010. Click here for more details.

21 March 2010 (newsletter sent to 375)

I'm sad to report that John Stone died of a stroke on 15th March 2010. John left Long Eaton Grammar School in the 5th form in 1966 and worked at Nottingham University as a model builder. His funeral will take place on Friday 26th March at The Moravian Church, The Settlement, Ockbrook at 9.45am. More details of the arrangements are shown on the Lasting Tribute Web Site.

10 March 2010

Photos from Jocie Kemp:

15 February 2010 (Newsletter sent to 372)

12 February 2010

I will let you know as soon as we have some firm dates.

28 January 2010

Photos and Memoriabillia from Lorna Bryce:

22 January 2010


26 December 2009

As usual a few of us are meeting up for a Christmas drink and reminisce about some of the good and bad times we had at school. You are invited to join myself, Kevin Tribbensee, Phil Payne, Maria Przeslawski, Peter Adams and John Outram at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook at 7.30pm on Monday 28th December. Please do drag along some other friends from school. It's not restricted to any one year and partners welcome too.

16 December 2009

PHOTO from Sally Parker in the As We Are Now folder. Also Phil Payne's photo updated in same folder.

13 December 2009 (Newsletter sent 367)

PHOTO from Steve Webb of boys on the science block roof c.1962.

11 December 2009

26 November 2009

PHOTO from Winty Sanday of Form 4a taken 1946.

24 November 2009

As a security precaution the old Contact Circle page has been password protected. There is a username and password hint on the preceding page and I shall email all regsreunited contacts the information in the next newsletter.

21 November 2009

Two short VIDEOS taken at the Oct 2009 Reunion for 1969 5th & 1971 6th Form leavers.

19 November 2009

Some photos of inside the school building taken in July 2009. These show Hall and some of the class rooms on the ground floor (West Wing) that have been converted into office space. The Hall is to be used for community uses. There are two ways to look at these photos.

  1. Via this web site by clicking on the rooms on the GROUND FLOOR PLAN. (room 8, boys WC, Room 6b (old changing rooms), Room 6c, The Hall, and Room 5b (Headmasters Study). You will need to click forward a few times as photos are in chronological order for each room.
  2. A few photos are uploaded onto, FLICKR and FACEBOOK.

Just a few notes about Flickr and Facebook. On Flickr you can view the photos at their full size - just click on the all sizes icon (magnifying glass). You don't need to be a member of Flickr to view these public photos. On Facebook you only get to see a small photo and you need to sign in and be a member.

09 Nov 2009

PHOTO of reunion for any year held at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook on the 26 October 2009.

24 October 2009 (Newsletter sent 370)

Sad News:

1. Alfred (John) PLUMB. Suddenly passed away on October 17th 2009, aged 59 years. Funeral is on Friday, October 30th at Markeaton Crematorium in the Main Chapel at 10.40am. (1967 U6th) Click HERE for more details.

2. Janet Rea (nee SMITH), wife of the Rev Michael Rea. The Funeral Service will be held in Ockbrook Moravian Church at 11 am, Saturday 31.10.09. Both attended LEGS 1946-1952.

22 October 2009

Anyone invited to this. I'm meeting up with Jean Naylor, Maria Przeslawski and Richard Guise at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook at 8.30pm on Sunday 25th October. Just a natter a reminisce about the good and bad old days at school washed down with a good pint of beer. Come with partners friends or invite others you know from school to join us.

13 October 2009

Photo from Barrie Waby of PIRATE FLAG placed on top of school roof in 1953.

09 October 2009

PHOTOS of the 1971 - 6th and 1969 - 5th year Reunion.

05 October 2009

Two new PHOTOS of Dennis and Joan Godfrey (in the 'As we are now' folder)

01 October 2009

Forum back up and working. (problems with server)

29 September 2009

Website Forum is down - hope to restore in next few days.

24 September 2009 (Newsletter sent -369)

12 August 2009

1963 Speech Day Programme from Paula Barsby.

14 June 2009

14 More PHOTOS from Phil Payne.

03 June 2009

Photos from Jocie Kemp.

25 May 2009

PHOTOS of a reunion at The Royal Oak at Ockbrook.

14 May 2009 (Newsletter sent - 366)

28 April 2009

The venue for the 1969 5th form leavers and 1971 6th form leavers reunion has now been fixed and will be held at the Ramada Encore Hotel, Locomotive Way, Pride Park, Derby. See the FORUM for full details.

27 April 2009

From Irene Lunn - The Yunian Thymes - written by the L 6th of 1959. They must have thought it funny then!

21 April 2009

District Sports Day - 1961 - photo from David West.

03 April - Newsletter (sent to 336)

11 March 2009

Photo from Michael (Pip) Amos of him holding two baby owls - taken in 1951.

08 March 2009

Sad news from John Wood (01949 861836): It is with regret that I have to advise that Keith Brammer (circa 1953 – 1960) died this morning at his home in Eastwell near Melton Mowbray after a long illness.

07 March 2009

A date for the 1969 5th form leavers and 1971 6th form leavers reunion has now been chosen and is: SATURDAY 3 OCTOBER 2009. Venue and times etc. still to be arranged, but at least the date is now definite. See Forum for more details or to contact organizers.

04 March 2009

28 Feb 2009

From Keith Reedman the 1917 PANORAMIC PHOTO. (yes you read it right!) Probably the first one taken at the school. Maybe your parents or grandparents are on the photo? Any names gratefully received.

8 Feb 2009

From Stephen Ford a photo of the 1962 Prefects from Gossamer No. 25

29 Jan 2009 (Newsletter sent 360)

From Stephen Ford a cutting from the Nottingham Evening Post showing the 1964 O'Level results.

28 Jan 2009

A reunion is being organized by Margaret Sadler and Carole Priestly for 1969 5th form and 1971 6th form leavers. Full details are on the FORUM. Margaret has two possible dates in mind and would like people who are interested in going to contact her by the end of February so that she can determine the numbers for the venue. Her phone number is: 01332 517066. Possible dates are 26 Sept and 3 Oct 2009.

20 Jan 2009

From Sally Parker:

15 Jan 2009

08 Jan 2009

29 December 2008

Keith Matthewman's funeral will be held at 3.30 pm, Bramcote Crematorium on Friday 02.01.09

28 December 2008

Sad news - Keith Matthewman died on the 23 December 2008. Legs - (1954 U6th)

17 December 2008 (newsletter sent to 356)

31 October 2008 (Newsletter sent 361)

07 September 2008 (newsletter sent 352)

Thanks to those that spotted the typing error in the newsletter. (corrected in the last 50 or so sent) Phil Payne didn't take photos in 1695 - it was of course 1965. Phil says:" I do indeed feel old some days. Not quite that old, though!".

17 August 2008

See PHOTOS of Form 5A 1958 Golden Reunion July 2008 sent in by Roger Graham.

28 July 2008

6 Photos from Phil Payne - see new folder. (more to follow!) Included this time are: a review or talk in the old school hall, David Wardell, Helen Thompson, Christina Marden and Phil Payne relaxing at home.

23 July 2008

Photos of the unveiling of the Mosaic Eye in the Photo Album > Misc Section.

29 June 2008 (Newsletter sent 349)

Scholars from the Long Eaton Grammar School have commissioned a sculpture at the new school site to link the past with a vision for the future. The sculpture, a mosaic eye, will be unveiled by Mrs Paula Hammond on the 10th July and old scholars are invited to attend. More details are on the PRESS RELEASE.

17 June 2008

Photos from Mick Lord:

7 June 2008 (newsletter sent - 349)

Sad News about the death of David Archer (LEGS 1955 u6th)

David died 29 May 2008 from Motor Neurone disease. A tribute from Mick Lord and full details of the funeral to be held on Tuesday 10 June are on the web site's Forum in the Obituaries section.

Newsletter not sent last March to 148 recipients. Apologies if you didn't get yours. Now being resent.

15 May 2008

PHOTO from Linda Bullock of her 60th birthday party with Pat Stubbings, Christine Gundry and Judith Yeomans.

17 April 2008

24 March 2008

20 March 2008

4 March 2008 - (newsletter sent 343)

Photos from Robin Jones

25 February 2008

12 December 2007 (newsletter sent to 331)

29 October 2007

09 October 2007 (newsletter sent to 327)

04 October 2007

02 October 2007

19 September 2007

21 August 2007 (Newsletter sent - 326)

16 July 2007 (Newsletter sent - 315)

I had hoped to reach the end of publishing David's pictures whilst he was alive. I know he enjoyed seeing them published and hearing the feedback from them. There may have been more - but that we shall never know.

28 June 2007

Your help with missing names will be greatly appreciated.

19 June 2007 - (Newsletter sent - 315)

Your help with names on many of the above photos is appreciated.

1st June 2007

Sadly Mr. Ron Hough died on May 27th 2007. The funeral is at Bramcote Crematorium, Wednesday 6th June 2007 at 2.45pm. His son-in-law has said that old pupils will be very welcome.
Please post any memories you have of Ron Hough on the Forum.

12 May 2007

Photo of Alan Neatby-Smith in the 'As We Are Now' folder. Alan has repulished his book - 'A Long Eaton Boyhood' - details see the books section.

01 May 2007

24 April 2007


5 April 2007 (newsletter sent - 308)

2 April 2007

An article reproduced from the Derby Evening Telegraph about the sale of the school buildings. (In Miscellaneous section.)

27 March 2007

4 pictures added - all in 1967. Lynne Gostick in relay race and 3 photos of Dyann Berringer and Lynne and others in the classroom. Photos taken by David Wardell.

16 March 2007

Erewash Borough Council are asking people to log onto their web site and put views by 6 April about the future use and treatment of the Grade 2 listed building. I think it is up to us to ensure that we make sure the building and grounds are kept to an appropriate standard. You can read the consultation document and make comment about each section. Please note that the document also deals with the adjacent land which is proposed to be a low cost housing development. The school building must retain it's original architectural features and is unlikely to be approved for residential use.

6 March 2007

Read about the intentions of the new owners Ross Bhardwaj (ex. LEGS) and Eric Camber for the redevelopment of the old School Building. On the Message Board - Registered members only.


28 February 2007 (newsletter sent)

3 photos taken of Wesleyan Youth Club (College Street) outings to London. See 1969 folder and 1970 folder. Most went to LEGS.

12 February 2007

5 photos in the 1967 folder. Dyann Berringer, the 2 girls in the Uptairs Corridor, Question Time and Lynne Gostick and Elaine Taylor - Sports Day race (2 photos).

09 February 2007

WAR is another chapter from the Jubilee Book 1960. This chapter deals with the origins of the school magazine and the school motto. Also the painting of the murals and the start of school dinners. For fascinating insight into the years of the First World War - a must read.

07 Feb. 2007

All old messages moved from the old message board onto the web forum message board.

30 Jan 2007 - Newsletter sent (299)

23 January 2007

Both are in PDF format and will require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your PC. If you don't it is a free download from their web site. Please report any errors as the optical character recognition software isn't perfect and nor am I!

11 January 2007

08 January 2007

19th December 2006 -Newsletter sent (295)

A Christmas get together has been arranged on Thursday 28th December at the Royal Oak at Ockbrook, starting from about 7.30pm. This is open to anyone who wishes to join myself, Richard Guise, Richard Mahoney, Phil Payne, Kevin Palmer and Eric Marshall for a drink and reminisce about the old days. Partners and friends welcome. Do come along - not restricted to any particular year!

18th December 2006

08 December 2006

07 December 2006

23 November 2006

Web site went down last night without warning - apparently because of maintenance on my web host's server 'Holly'. This morning it has come back except for the Message Board. Sorry for the inconvenience - I am working on it. LATEST: Message board is now back and is up and running since lunchtime.

20 November 2006 - Newsletter Sent (298)

4 PHOTOS from Anita Wormsley of School trip to Germany (1960). Also recent photo of Anita Wormsley in 'As we are Now' folder.

SCHOOL REPORT dated 1919 for Lily Negus sent in by David Negus.

14 November 2006

3 Photos from John Lomas. The XMAS PARTY SHOW (1965), a trip to Wedgwood Factory (1966) (superceded in 2010 bya better photo) and The wedding of Paul Adamson and Wendy Ward (1968).

10 November 2006

The New Message board is up and running!

This will eventually replace the Contacts page and the existing Message Boards.

You will be able to contact other registered members and reply to Topics posted by them.

To Register for the first time, please enter a Username and Password of your choice. A confirmation email is then sent to you. First time, please amend your PROFILE and add any extra info about yourself. Thereafter you will need to LOGIN to view Messages and other's Profiles.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

6 Nov 2006

Site up and running except some problems with the New Message Board.

04 Nov 2006


2 November 2006

31 October 2006

Photo of IVOR SNELL with his euphonium. (Photo Album - 'As we are now').

23 October 2006 - Newsletter Sent.

20 October 2006

List of Class Rooms 1936 - 1941 - supplied by Bill Stenson. (Photos of School Buildings - List of Class Rooms)

18 October 2006

21 September 2006

David Wardell who has contributed many of the photos on this site died last Monday - 18th September 2006. He was a good friend and will be missed by all that knew him.

14 September 2006 - NEWSLETTER SENT


12 September 2006

28 August 2006

Site has now moved over to new web hosts: 'tsohost.co.uk'. Please report any gliches to me as I can't possibly check every web page. Many thanks to Bill Pechey (legs 1966 -6th) for providing me with invaluable advise and web space on his servers for free for the last few years.

27 August 2006

I've run out of web space and I'm moving to a new web host. The site may go down for a short while but it will be back!!

14 August 2006


04 August 2006

PHOTOS of two former head boys - reunited in Tauranga, New Zealand. Roger Graham meets Alan & Kathy Gregg at their home in March 2006. Roger was head boy in 1960, Alan in 1962 and Kathy Owen - Deputy Head Girl 1963.

26 July 2006

25 July 2006

Email Newsletter sent out to all my email contacts. If you didn't receive a copy please let me know.

19 July 2006

18 July 2006

30 June 2006

29 June 2006

27 June 2006

21 June 2006

09 June 2006

05 June 2006

23 May 2006

09 May 2006

08 May 2006

30 April 2006

28 April 2006

25 April 2006

24 April 2006

7 April 2006

15 March 2006

14 March 2006

08 March 2006

07 March 2006

At last I have finished putting all the numbers on the 1953 panoramic school photo. If you were at school during that era please let me have names.

27 February 2006

Added photos from Mick Brown. Form 4WB / 5B in 1966 and a hike in Derbyshire 1969.

4 Photos from John Simpson taken just before the School Closed for the Last Time. (Photo Album - Misc. Photos)

25 February 2006

Added photos from Gordon Richards - of Form 5b 1960 and Hiking group taken in 1962 in Photo Album. Also Autographs of 5b in Memorabilia section.

Photos of the school are now in a new section accessible directly from the Menu on the Home page (Photos of School Building). See the plans of the old building and Click on a room to see a picture of that room. Some pictures taken just before the school closed for the last time.


FEB 2006

First name Surname Maiden or other name Leaving Year year at 5th Form approx Location
Keith Brammer   1960 1958 Eastwell, Leicestershire
John Panton   1957 1955 Odenwald, Frankfurt, Germany
Jason Smart   1986 1986? Sawley
Elizabeth Flinders Archer 1966 1966 Sawley
Maria Przeslawski   1969 1969? Breaston
Mary Holland        
Michelle Seckington   1998 1998 Ilkeston
Robert Page   1970 1968 Guildford, Surrey
Val Rout Jenkins 1967 1965 King's Lynn, Norfolk
Colin Archer   1968 1968 Hereford

JAN 2006

First name Surname Maiden or other name Leaving Year year at 5th Form approx Location
Doug Barlow   196? 196? ?
Garry Walker   1971 1969 Belper
Ian Frearson   1970? 1968? ?
Jim Vaughan   1979 1977 Redondo Beach, USA
Ken Lomas   1968? 1966? ?
Marilyn Davis Calladine 1963 1961  
Reg Bradbery   1971 1971 Meadow Lane, Long Eaton
Rita Mathews Hamilton 1962 1962 Folksworth, Peterborough
Rob Govier   ? ? ?
Robert Page   1970 1968 Guildford, Surrey
Rob Ellison   1974 1972 Nottingham
Sharon Stansfield Ramplin 1978 1978 Long Eaton
Sheila Burt ? ? ? ?
Tony Bishton   1974 1972 Liverpool
Jenny Asquith Prior 1980 1978 Toton
Sheila Williams Roberts 1953 1951 Nottingham

11 February 2006

Photos from Peter Leivars see folders 1955 and 1956 in Photo Album and Form 5R 1956 in Official School Pictures section.

Also various photos taken by me (John Simpson) at the Last Legs Open Day using a hand held camera in poor light. Results are a little blurred and most are undated and have been put in the Photo Album in a new folder simply called 'Undated'. A few were dated and are in folders 1957 and 1958.

Watch out soon for the 1953 Panoramic School Photo - also from Peter Leivars.

10 February 2006

The hall, the gym and the sixth form block are all being demolished.

The only building remaining will be the original school.

Next Tuesday February 14th is the last day that pupils will be taught in the school.

Friday the school will be handed over at 4.30 p.m. and no one will be allowed on the school site again.

03 February 2006

Various pictures in folders 1930, 1937, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951 and 1955. Unfortunately the pictures appear to be photocopies so are of poor quality. Any originals of same or others would be gratefully received.

01 February 2006

Ticket from Tobias and the Angel (1968) and 'Missing Links' report from the Debating Society (1966) - both in Memorabilia Section.

31 January 2006

Added photos and memorabilia from Kevin Palmer. Scenes from Androcles and The Lion in 1969 folder, Ticket and programme from same in Memorabilia Section and photo from the 1984 Reunion in the Reunion Section.

28 January 2006

Added photo of the the Reunion for 1963 year starters held in 1984. Picture sent in by Richard Patching.

21 January 2006

Words to 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' added to Songs from the School Concert in the Sounds and Videos Section.

14 January 2006

Recording from the BBC East Midlands News of the Last Detention School Dinner now in the Sounds and Videos Section.

13 January 2006

More picture of Last Legs Reunion from Lynne Gostick and Roger Graham. (in the Reunion Section). Also see latest news of reunions.

10 January 2006

Autographs from class 5b, completed at Grange annex in July 1966 and O' Level Timetable added to Memorabilia Section. Sent in by Barbara Hilton from Chris Jones.

6 January 2006

Google search facility added.

3 January 2006

More photos of the Last Detention Tours taken on the 4th. December 2005 by Rob Glovier (?) and Jim Vaughan (1979 -6th). On their own web sites - so follow the link from my Hot Links Page. Some interesting photos here - also more of the newer buildings.

30 December 2005

A list of 'famous' ex-pupils added - more names to be added - you will find it in the Miscellaneous Stuff section.

27 December 2005

  1. From Susan Goodjohn 1966 -6th
    1. The Darts stall taken at the 1960 Jubilee (folder 1960)
    2. 4 photos - teachers at a hockey match, prefects and sports day. (folder 1964)
    Some future events in the pipeline details will be sent out as soon as they are finalised:
    1. Reunion for old staff Friday night Feb 3rd - *(Barbara James)
    2. Open day Saturday 4th Feb for people to go around the old Lower or Roper School for the last time. *(Barbara James)
    3. Reunion Saturday, 25 March 2006 for 1962/63 intake including those that joined the two year groups at any time. If maths was not your strongest subject this means 5th form leavers for 1967 and 1968 and upper sixth form leavers for 1968, 69 and 70. The 1968 upper sixth form leavers are included because of the anomaly of sharing classes with those that fast tracked straight into the sixth from form 4a. *(Richard Guise and Richard Mahoney)


22 December 2005

The big news this month is the Last Detention School Dinner took place over the weekend if the 3rd and 4th. Over 700 came and toured the old building and some stayed for an authentic School Dinner. It was a huge success and was featured on BBC TV East Midlands News and the Nottingham Evening Post. Many thanks to Barbara James who organised the event, Dick Vasey the present Head and John Eley who set out a suburb collection of the school's memorabilia. Not surprisingly that most of this months updates are taken up with pictures of the reunion.

updates are:

  1. Experimental version of a members notice board - comments restricted to two short sentences though!
  2. All pictures taken at the Reunion, with people on them, are in the (Reunion) section -(Last Legs). Thanks to John Plackett, David Wardell, Geoff Carter, Phil Payne, Carole Beesly and Nick Doughty.
  3. Photos of the school taken at the reunion are in main (Photo Album) - (School Buildings) folder . Thanks to David Wardell, Phil Payne, Lesley Gee, and Nick Doughty.
  4. Photos of memorabilia sent in by Leslie Gee is in (Memorabilia) section as is a programme from The Messiah 1964 supplied by Barbara Jenkin.
  5. Photo of form 4a 1944 sent in by Neil Atkinson. (Photo Album)
  6. Video clip of Tom Dowers Latin Lesson. (Sounds and Videos)

Please send in your photos and help with the names.

25 new email contacts this month - welcome to the site.

First name Surname Maiden or other name Leaving Year year at 5th Form approx Location
Andrew Adamson   1968 1966 Kelowna, Canada
Gordon Richards   1960 1960 Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.
Alan Falconer   1962 1960 Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Ann Small   ? ? Notts?
Barbara Mackenzie Solomon 1965 1963 Lytham St Annes, Lancashire
Betty Atkinson Bullock 1945 1945 Spondon
Bob Wheldon   ? ? Germany
Colin Wood   1980 1980 Long Eaton
Dave Caron   1959 1959 Burton on Trent
Donna Bowley Harrison 1971? 1971? Borrowash
Deuchart Walters   1964 1964 Al Khober, Saudi arabia
Brenda Hackney Metcalf 1967? 1965?  
Julia Grimley Fitzpatrick 1976 1977 Long Eaton
Martin Page   1974 1974 West Bridgeford, Notts.
Neil Atkinson   1945 1956 Long Eaton
Norbert Wasserhess   1961 1961 Darmstadt, Germany
Carole Stark Bastable 1964 1963 New Zealand
Paula Haggerty Anthony 1968 1968 Alcester, Warwickshire
Pauline Taylor West 1967 1967  
Alan Bradbury   1975 1975?  
Richard Lepora   ? ?  
Steve Moss   1974 1972 Long Eaton
David Stevens   1964 1964 Long Eaton
Susan Clarke   ? ?  
Tony Young   ? ?  

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.


29November 2005

Two songs added from an original tape of the 1967 concert.

Both in 'Sounds of School Concert' section now (Sounds and Videos)

26 November 2005

1971 School Photo in 'Official School Photos' section. Sent in from Barbara Swain.

23 November 2005

Tamworth Road may be closed on Sunday 4th December to facilitate the construction of new access road and bridge across the canal to the new school. Suggested route to the old school is via the Market Place rather than Sawley Station. If approached from Sawley Station end traffic diversions will be in place along side streets.

22 November 2005

All the tickets for Saturday Tours and Lunch are sold out. There are still places left for all of the Sundays tours and lunch. Please note that tickets will not be sold to anyone that just turns up on the day and you will not be allowed in without one.

I have booked the function room at the Tiger as a meeting point for anyone who wishes to come for a drink and hopefully met up with some old friends, on the Saturday Evening. (open to all years) The LAST LEGS Evening Reunion is expected start about 7.30pm. more details in the Reunion Section.

The Tiger is open from 12 noon until 12.30 at night. (subject to new licensing laws), so if you wish to use the function room as a place to chat to your mates, then please feel free to use it.

A list of people interested in an evening reunion is in the Reunion Section then Last Legs and is shown by a '1' in the Red column. No need to book for this - just turn up!


School Dinner Song Miscellaneous Stuff - Songs and Poems John Simpson
David West aged 12 Photo Album - 1959 David West
2005 pic of Geoff Carter, Linda Coulson and Mick Brown Photo Album - as we are now Geoff Carter
1967 Music Festival - 3 pics Photo Album - 1967 page 4 Picture the Past Web Site
1958 Cricket Team -2 pics Photo Album - 1958 Roger Graham
Class 5a 1958 photo and Autographs Photo Album - 1958 Roger Graham
Dustbin on roof, Prefects and Jubilee Gala Photo Album - 1958 Roger Graham
1960 and 61 Speech Day Programmes Speech Day Roger Graham
Article about Jubilee (1960) Miscellaneous Stuff Roger Graham
1964 School Prefects Photo Album - 1964 Geoff Carter
1967 Huts C, D and E Photo Album - 1967 Geoff Carter
Canteen being demolished Photo Album - 1968 Geoff Carter
Alternative sports Day Photo Album - 1969 Geoff Carter

New Contacts since 1st October 2005 (not all have registered with the site)

First name Surname Maiden or other name Leaving Year year at 5th Form approx Location
Amber Hopley Louise Dunn 1995 1995 Oman, Middle East.
Barbara Birch Poplewska 1966 1966 Smalley, Derbyshire
Linda Coulson   1968? 1966? Germany
Cheryl Finney ? ? ?  
Bernard Kemp   1948 1948 Yorkshire and France
David Whittleton   1969 1967  
David Smith   1966 ? ?
David Sanderson   1966 1966 Faversham, Kent.
Evelyn Marr Ellis 1960 1958 Chesham, Bucks
Goeff Flint   1968? 1966?  
John Lomas   1966 1964 Italy
Jackie Stibbs ? ? ? ?
Jane Reid Longhurst 1971 1969 Ripley, Derbyshire
Jim McClatchie   ? ?  
Joan Lewis Mowl 1968? 1966?  
Joe Waring   1966? 1966? Stoke on Trent
Julie Flint Hardy 1968 1968  
Kathleen Hodgkinson Cross 1967 1967 Borrowash
Katrina Desborough   1984 1982 Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes
Keith Hodgkinson   1962 1960 East Leake, Loughborough
Kevin Palmer   1970? 1968? Spondon
Kevin Wharmby   1968 1966  
Lesley McClatchie Richards ? ?  
Linda Welden Wildley 1971 ? Cullompton, Devon
Lynda Child Stone 1970 1968 Beeston
Mary Hodgkinson Holbrook 1961 1959 East Leake, Loughborough
Heather Roberts ? 1971 1969  
Marie-jo Sanmartin   1969?   France
Michael Lord   ? ? ?
Jacque Atkinson? Atkinson 1968 1966 Long Eaton
Pam Shepherd   1970 1970 Nottingham
Barbara Russell? Russell ? ? Notts?
Chris Powell   1963 1964 Southsea, Hampshire
Peta Noble Coulson 1971 1969 Los Angeles
Richard Protheroe   ? ?  
Peter Harrison   1953 1952 Melbourne, Australia
Denise Orrell Holdsworth 1969 1967 North London
Rhona Hicks Keenan 1977 1977 Mansfield
Richard Doron   1968 1966  
Roger Graham   1960 1958 Breaston, Derbyshire
Sue Burbidge Roome 1967 1965 Ripon, North Yorkshire
Barbera Swain Birkett 1972 1971 Long Eaton
Joan Smith Hazzledine 1972 1970 Long Eaton
Steve Burton   1969? 1967? Argentina
Stuart Wood   1989 1989 Beeston
Rachael Way not given 1983 ?  
Patricia ? Fouracres ? ?  
Joyce Webster Ellis 1952 1950 Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia


2 November 2005

I am thinking of organizing a reunion on the evening of Saturday 3rd December 2005. (That is after the School Tours.)

For details please see the Reunion Section.

27 October 2005

A very warm welcome to all new members.

If you are not registered on this site - to join please email me - there is no charge and you get a Newsletter informing you of updates to the site and reunion reminders etc.


As promised I have compiled a table of those attending the Last Legs Detention Dinner and Tours. Go to Reunion Photos and News and then Last Legs List. Those going have a '1' in the appropriate columns.

Hope you get to meet some of you mates.


from Adrian Otsa

from Terry Colegate - 1966 Speech Day Programme.

from Barbara Chadburn nee Knowles

from Alan and Kathy (nee Owen) Gregg

from Bob Dillea

18 October 2005

RE: The Last Detention School Dinner

Saturday morning tours are sold out.

13 October 2005

RE: The Last Detention School Dinner

Saturday lunch tickets are sold out. (200)

Some places available for Saturday Morning and Afternoon tours.

There are places available on Sunday for lunch and tours.

If you haven't done so already can you let me know when you are going so that I can make a list available, so that we all have an idea who else is going.

08 September 2005


    Details of the 'Official' School Reunion are now available.

    It's called 'The Last Detention School Dinner' and is open to all ex Legs Scholars, teachers and staff. Click on the Reunion Section for full details.
  2. 10 fascinating photos of the school when it was newly built! These photos were made available to me an excellent the web site called www.picturethepast.org.uk See Photo Album - School, and also in Folders: Circa 1910 and 1924.
  3. More pictures of the outside of the school taken this August. See Photo Album - School.
  4. Welcome to new LEGS Reunited members,
    Kathy Owen - 1963 -6th.
    Anne Willis - 1964 -5th.
    Peter Beardsley - 1962 -6th.
    David Way -1944 -5th.
    Richard Patching - 1970 -6th.
    Alan Gregg - 1962 -6th.
    Read about them in the Members Contact Section.

03 August 2005

  1. Maths and Physics 'A' Level papers for 1962. Sent in by Steve Webb. Anybody fancy providing model answers? (Memorabilia - Exam Papers.)
  2. 5 new photos from Spring - Summer of 1967 featuring Lynn Gostick, Sue Campbell and Eddie Ward and others I don't know on a playing field. Another scene from the LEGS film and the School Sports day. (Photo Album - 1967 - bottom of second page and through to 3rd page)
  3. A reunion is planned for former LEGS pupils who are now aged 61. It will take place on Saturday 10th September, 50 years after that day in September 1955 when they first started school. For year groups finishing 1960 - 5th or 1962 - 6th. Full details on the Reunion Page.
  4. Welcome to new members: Anna Zimand (leaving date not confirmed yet), Janet Cronin 1959 -5th. and Tom Cooper 1935 6th. Tom is my oldest member! Are there any others around who remember him? Perhaps your parents if they went to LEGS.

13 July 2005

  1. Photos from Steve Webb from old copies of The Gossamer. See folders 1956 to 63 for pics of Prefects and scenes from the school play.
  2. Photos from Joan Streets in folders 1951 and 54. Also photo of Dennis Godfrey and Joan in the 'as we are now' folder.
  3. More photos from the year 1968 reunion held in 1992. (from David Wardell) Reunion pictures are now in their own section. From main menu on home page go to "Reunion Photos and News"
  4. Photos of Francis Glegg at home with family (1962) and Chris Ratcliffe gardening (1965). (from David Wardell)
  5. Welcome to new members: Roger Marshall (1970-6th), Anita Wormsley (1959 -5th), Dennis Godfrey (1954-6th) and Joan Streets (1955-6th). See Contacts page for more details.

11 June 2005

  1. 1963 Rugby Team (folder 1963) - photo supplied by Terry Colegate.
  2. Cartoons from LEGS 68 mag. - The Tiger Inn and The School Falls Down! (in Memorabilia)
  3. Signatures from back page my copy of Legs 68. (in Memorabilia)

8 June 2005

  1. 5 photos in folder 1967 - cross country run plus Phil Payne and Edwina Ward, Dyanne Berringer and Lynne Gostick in the corridor. Photos from Dave Wardell. Also in 1967 two pictures of the Mill at Long Eaton on fire!
  2. In folder 'Memoriabilia' School scarf and school ties from Goef Carter.

16 May 2005

  1. Photo from Geoff Carter of group of 2nd year boys taken outside Hut 'A' in 1964.

14 May 2005

  1. 1953 Lower 6th Class photo - supplied by Barrie Waby.

9 May 2005

  1. School Rules added - in the Memorabilia Section.
  2. more pictures of Long Eaton from 1967 and some comparisons with 2005.
  3. photo of Sue Campbell in "As We Are Now Section" in main photo Album.
  4. more names found for school pictures
  5. 2 photos of Film Society meeting from 1967.
  6. Reunion Section created with details of new reunions. Reunion photos moved into this section.
  7. More members registered with this site.

If you left between 1975 and 1977 there is a reunion organized for June 2005. See Reunion Section.

23 March 2005

  1. List of names on Friends Reunited from 1932 to 1980.
  2. Colour picture of Charlie Goodhalls Triumph TR3A sent in by Geoff Carter.

18 March 2005

  1. 2 pictures of pupils from Brooklands Primary School added.
  2. 1957 school photo added.
  3. 1971 Speech Day Programme added.
  4. 7 photos from John Plackett. Folders 1962, 1965 and 1970.
  5. 5 photos from Richard Summerfield. Folders 1962, 65, 79, 70 and 'as we are now'.
  6. 6 photos from David Wardell. All in 1967 folder. Physics lab, Mr Goodhalls Triumph and Derby Rd Long Eaton.

I'm not sure that the Registration form works properly. If any new members try it and experience difficulties please email me to let me know.

7th March 2005

  1. Members registration page added

3rd March 2005

  1. From David Wardell - 7 more pictures . See "Photo Album" - 1967 ref. 1967_29_17a to 29. Girls playing Netball.
  2. From Steve Webb - 3 Class photos for 1958, 60 and 62. See "Official School Photos".
  3. From Eric Marshall - photos of his hymn book with signatures. Go to "Memorabilia".
  4. From Bill Stenson list of his form teachers for 1936 - 41. In new section called "Miscellaneous Stuff".
  5. From Steve Webb - extract typed from 1963 Gossamer also in "Miscellaneous Stuff".
  6. More memorabilia from Geoff Carter - A' Level exam timetable and 1969 Film Society programme.
  7. Hot Links section added. Email me details of your own web sites or other site that other LEGS members would be interested in seeing.
  8. More names in the Contact Circle.
  9. More names added to 1960 school photo - special thanks to Ann Williams, Carole Beesley, Marianne Ecker and Steve Webb.
  10. More names added to 1964 school photo - special thanks to Geoff Carter, Eric Marshall and Stephen Ford.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

16 February 2005

  1. web site now moved to new server and has it's own domain name. www.legsreunited.org.uk (thanks to help from Bill Pechey 1966 -6th)
  2. 4 memorabilia items from Geoff Carter (1970).
  3. 1970 speech day programme from Geoff Carter added.
  4. Memorabilia section now moved out of the main photo section and is accessible directly from the home page.

9th February 2005

  1. Sounds of the School Concert for 1968 and 1969. Four different extracts featuring Staff and Pupils on stage.
  2. Whole School photo for 1960. Supplied by Bill Pechey.
  3. Details of how to obtain the book about LEGS entitled "Lead us not into Trent Station". Written by Richard Guise (at LEGS 1962-69)
  4. 4 pictures from John Stone (yr 66 - 5th). (see 1#1962, 2#1964, 1#1965)
  5. Picture of John Richards (yr 67 -6th). (see "as we are now" folder).
  6. Picture of Barbara Poole (yr 62 -5th?). (see "as we are now" folder).
  7. Picture of Neil Illiffe (yr 1962 -6th). (see "as we are now" folder)
  8. 9 pictures from David Wardell (yr 68 -6th). (see 2#1966 - ref 1966_25_33a and 34a, 7#1967 - 1st 7 ).
  9. Contact Circle updated - lots of new details - see what others are doing now and catch up with old mates

Please register your details with me to receive an email newsletter. Benefits are that you will be informed of when the site is updated and also get news of any events such as reunions that may be planned for the future.

John Simpson

6th January 2005

Contact Circle added. See menu on home page.

January 2005

Eleven of us enjoyed an evening at the The Old Vic Public House at Beeston on the 27 December 2004. Photo of us in folder "Reunion Dec 2004".

Many more names have ben added to the 1964 school photo. Thanks to all who contributed.

Other new photos added to the web site this month are:

  1. from Dave Wardell - Swimming at Long Eaton Baths - folder 1965.
  2. from Chris Ratcliffe - 6 photos - see folders 1962, 65, 66 and 67.
  3. from Liz Adamson - Conservative Club Dance - folder 1969.

XMAS - XTRA Dec 2004.

A Christmas Special edition!

Included for the first time are the 6th form "Alternative" games, to be found in folder 1968, a photo of the Staff football team in folder 1965, and more miscellaneous Memorabilia.

My thanks go to Lorna Bryce, Lesley Gee and David Wardell for providing the photos and the scans of the memorabilia.

I do hope that you enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Please contact me if you have any material of your own that's suitable for this site.

Quite a lot of names have been added to the 1964 School Photo, but there are still plenty missing.

If Christmas telly is up to it's usual standard why not spend an hour or so mulling over some of the missing names on the photos.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

from John D Simpson.



December 2004 Newsletter

The 1964 school photo has been removed from the main Photo Album and it now has it's own dedicated section accessible directly from the home page. A re scanned photo supplied by David Wardell has been split into 8 sections so that the photos are easy to see.

Please let me know any names that I have missed and any mistakes.

Quote both the Slide or Section Number and the pupil number.

I hope that you have fun spotting your class mates.

regards John Simpson

PS. If you haven't already registered with me to receive Newsletters through your email please email me with your email address.

November 2004 Newsletter

The web site has been updated.

Folders 1966 and 1967 have had many new photos added. Many thanks to David Wardell who supplied them.

Also the school's history is reproduced by kind permission of Mr John Eley (Head of Art) at Long Eaton School, as it is now called.

As some of you may know already, the school is moving into a brand new building by February 2006, but before then, they are hoping to have ‘A Last Detention’ school dinner – including a look around the old school and display of old memorabilia etc.

Mr Eley is involved with the School Heritage Project and hopes to have a permanent display of memorabilia in the new School foyer. Apparently he does have some old memorabilia (old school magazines, etc) but not a lot! Any help here, would I am sure, be greatly appreciated.

I hope that you enjoy looking at this month's new photos. (there are more to come next month)

All contributions to the site are welcome.

regards John Simpson

Also take a look at the "Official" Long Eaton School web site at: http://www.longeaton.derbyshire.sch.uk/