3 August 2019

William Geary also known as Bill (LEGS 1954 U6) died 16 July 2019. Former head boy and Cricket Captain. Married Gill Elston, also from LEGS, who survives him.

4 July 2019

Christopher Michael Paley (LEGS 1967 L6) passed away on Friday 21st June 2019, aged 68. Funeral is on Monday 8th July at 2 pm in the Main Chapel at Markeaton Crematorium in Derby.

27 June 2019

We are meeting Liz Agar (LEGS U6 1968) from OZ at Anderson's, Blind Lane, Breaston. Fri 28th June, 11am-2pm! All welcome!

15 March 2019

Richard Lubkowski, passed away on Saturday 2 Feb 2019 at his home in Malvern Worcestershire. He leaves a widow, two children and six grandchildren. Richard was head boy 1969 - 70.

25 Feb 2019

Sad news that Richard Redfern aka Dick (LEGS U6 1954?) has died. Funeral is 14.00hrs on 4 March 2019 at Dale Hill Natural Buriel Ground, Dale Road, Ockbrook DE72 3RY.

11 January 2019

LEGS GET TOGETHER - Jean Naylor, Kevin Tribbensee and John Simpson are meeting for a drink and reminisce about School Days. Partners, friends, chauffeurs etc. are also welcome. Please come and join us. Saturday, 26 January 2019 at 19:30

The Royal Oak, Ockbrook
55 Green Lane, Ockbrook, DE72 3SE Derby

26 December 2018

Kevin Tribbensee and I are meeting up at The Royal Oak at Ockbrook tomorrow Thurs 27 Dec 2018 at about 7.30pm. Please come along and join us.

25 May 2018

Photos of LEGS Christmas Decorations in the Main Hall December 1969 from Tony Young.

22 May 2018

Words to 3 Sixth Form songs performed at the 1953 and 54 Christmas Party sent in by Keith Goodman.

24 Jan 2018

Sad news: Mike Young (1968 U6) passed away peacefully with a heart attack at the end of December at his home in Manchester. UPDATE 31 Jan - The date of the funeral is:
Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 4pm
Manchester Crematorium,
Barlow Moor Road,
Manchester M21 7GZ

22 Jan 2018

Photos of 1963 Starters Reunion held 20 Jan 2018.

13 Jan 2018

Sad news: Carl Reavey Head Boy 1974 died on 8 Jan 2018.

4 Jan 2018

A REUNION for those who started in 1963 as 11 yr olds is being held on Sat 20th January 2018 at The Royal Oak at Ockbrook. (June 68 5th and June 1970 U6 form leavers) Please contact Richard Guise: Email richard_guise@yahoo.com or 07884 432011.

3 Jan 2018

Sad news: Susan Rodrigo (nee Dennard) had died in 2014. She was at school 1954-6.

29 December 2017

Photos added of the Xmas reunion at the Royal Oak.

23 December 2017

The LEGS TOGETHER CHRISTMAS REUNION will be held at 7.30pm on THURS 28 DEC 2017 at The Royal Oak at Ockbrook. I shall be meeting Kevin Tribbensee and Pete Adams for a few drinks and anyone from any year is welcome to join us. No need to confirm, just turn up if you can.

6 Nov 2017

Michael E Davis LEGS 1960 5th Form died July 2017.

18 November 2017

Sad news I hear of the death of Phil Hampson who passed away 19th September 2017. Mr Askew's class 4S/5S 1969

16 November 2017

Sad news Peta Barnes (LEGS 1970 5th) has died August 2017. Married name Barber.

27 October 2017

Photo from Monica Newman taken in 1969 at her engagment party.

24 October 2017

Sad news Linda Pearce (married name Ball) died 13 October 2017 her funeral is on on Friday 27 October at 12:00 at Markeaton Crematorium.

20 September 2017

Sad news of the deaths of the following:

1. Jeff Paling 1970 U6
2. Keith Breakwell 1955 Ded 16 Sept 2017 Funeral Bramcote Crem 12.30 on 5 Oct 17

21 September 2017

Photos from Joy Townsend of School Play at Brooklands 1963.

20 April 2017

Lost LEGS - Please let me know if you are in contact with any of the following:

1. Donna Bowley (Harrison) LEGS 1971 5th Borrowash.
2. Anne Russell ? ? Long Eaton
3. Sarah Joanne Hughes (Stewart) LEGS 1988 5th Rolley Regis
4. Jeremy Smith LEGS 1968 U6 Sussex
5. Mary Holland LES Treasurer c. 2006
6. Perry Fiama 1977 5th Nottingham
7. Steve Moss 1974 U6 Long Eaton?
8. Joy Western (Sanderson) 1978 now FOUND
9. Nigel Drewitt 1969 Calverton
10. Sadie Sweet 1985
11. Angie Tulloch (Towell) 1980 U6 Australia
12. Betty Smith (Neale) 1944 5th Weymouth
13. Brenda Hackney (Metcalf) 1967 U6.

13 April 2017

Sad news Peter Beardsley LEGS 1962 U6 died March 2017.

8 April 2017 (Newletter sent 462)

Reunion photos added:

1. held Sept 2016 - the Summer Soiree for all comers.
2. held Nov 2016 for Class 5b 1966.
3. held 2 Nov 2016 for All
4. held 3 Nov 2016 for a few mates from1971 U6 and Tib and me!

1 April 2017

Sad news Paula Hammond nee Barsby has died on the 25 March 2017. The funeral will take place at St Mary's Church, in Church Lane, Attenborough, from 1.45pm on Wednesday, 12 April, after a private cremation.. see Obituary.

27 Feb 2017

Sad news: Don Kingerley (1944 – 50/51) died aged 84 in January.

24 Jan 2017

Photos of Class 5 - 1 taken 1963 from trevor Burton

23 Jan 2017

Reunion in 2003 for 1958 to 1965 pupils from Trevor Burton

20 Jan 2017

Reunion in 2002 for 1958 to 1965 pupils from Trevor Burton

15 Jan 2017

Photo of Class 1d 1958-9 in their Scout and St John's Ambulance Brigade Uniforms.

26 Dec 2016

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year 2017 and hope you had a lovely Christmas. I treat for you who were around in 1967 in the sixth form and took part in the filming of THE PRISONER. (10 mins silent)

More photos added Prefects 1965 , 7 Male Teachers c.1970 (DD), Prefects 1967

5 Dec 2016

Sad news: Audrey Keeling nee Burton has passed away at the Royal Derby this morning. She was 86 and left LEGS in 1949.

2 December 2016 Missing Contacts

Recently missing, either died or changed email provider. If you know any info please contact me.
1. Ishkan Robinson nee Zakarian LEGS 1968 5th
2. Peter Barlow LEGS 1973 U6 - Isle of Man FOUND
3. Evelyn Marr nee Ellis LEGS 1960 U6 FOUND
4. Tony Betts LEGS 1970 U6 - FOUND
5. Julie Nailsby nee Cox LEGS 1952 5th
6. John Osborne LEGS 1950 5th South Australia
7. Kevin Wharmby LEGS 1968 U6
8. Sue Donaghie was Cox (nee Merriman) 1967 5th FOUND
9. Kath Hodgkinson nee Cross 1967 5th Borrowash FOUND
10. Geraldine Hay nee Beale LEGS 1970 U6th - FOUND
11. Janet Reynolds nee Johnsen 1961 5th - Australia FOUND
12 Keith Calvert LEGS 1957 L6 Nottingham?
13 Dorothy Hart nee Denny left in 4th form 1953 FOUND

18 November 2016

Photo of Paul Booth LEGS 1976 U6 in As We Are Now folder and news of Death of Dave Weston LEGS 1976 U6 Died May 2015.

14 August 2016

Videos of The Summer Soiree are in the Sounds and Videos section. Videos are from Steve Saunderson.

5 August 2016 (Newsletter sent 511)

The Legs, Celebratory, Summer Soiree (Reunion) will be held on the evening of SATURDAY, 13th AUGUST at THE ROYAL OAK, OCKBROOK starting from 6.30pm. This event is open to all years and is informal, so no need to let me know, just turn up if you can.

28 July 2016

Photo from Mike Owen of a camping trip to the Lake District in 1962.

Photos from The Gaslight Gallery. Linda Forster, widow of Mr Forster our Art teacher is selling the house and shop at Holbrook and will sell pottery shown on the web site at knock down prices. Please contact me (John Simpson) for Linda's contact details.

30 June 2016

Gossamer No. 18 dated July 1953 added to the Memorbilia Section.

24 June 2016

Photos from Marie-Jose Sanmartin of Prof. James Alldridge and his daughter Gisella at her wedding.

20 June 2016

Photo of Ivan Chamberlain, Chris Turner and Garry Walker. in the 'As We Are Now' Folder.

10 June 2016

More sad news:

1. Lynn Robertson LEGS 1962 5th has died on the 19 May 2016. Funeral is on Thursday 16th June 2016 at 1pm at Long Eaton Cemetery.
2. Lyn Winstanley nee Arnold (LEGS 1963 U6) towards the end of May 2016 only 3 weeks after the death of her husband.
3. John King (LEGS 1963? U6?), around mid-May
4. Dr Burrow, around mid-May 2016 (our biology teacher, who married a classmate, Maura Williamson).
Information for 2, 3 and 4 is from Irene Winter (Lunn) If you have any more details please let me know.

09 June 2016

Sad news, the funeral is taking place today of Sue Jarman nee Brown (LEGS 1962-69) at 12.30pm on Thursday 9th June at Borrowash Methodist Church, followed by a private burial at Borrowash

08 April 2016

Photo of Linda Edmunds on holiday in 1968 sent in by Joy Townsend.

Photos and sound recording of Kevin Tribbensee interviewing Philip Benham about the unveiling of the Sir Nigel Gresley Statue at King's Cross.

04 April 2016

More sad news: Linda Edmunds who was at LEGS 1970 U6th died on the 18th March 2016.

25 March 2016

Sad news: Ros Bryce, Long Eaton School 1975 U6 - died 6 March 2016 aged 57 following a tragic motorcycle accident in Tasmania.

21 March 2016

David Marshall - LEGS 1971 U6 - Died 15 March 2016. Dave was head boy 1971 and was a talented banjo player. Whist at school he played folk music with Chris Stringer, Steve Saunderson and Sargon Isaac. Videos of when Dave met up with Sargon about 5 years ago and played banjo accompanied by Sargon on guitar.

11 February 2016

Just a mention that Richard Doron who was in my class (1968 U6) has written a collection of short stories available on Kindle download for kust 99p. It is entitled Short Stories Off The Wall, and it is, be prepared to be shocked.

31 December 2015

Photo from Tom Godfrey of LECSS sixth formers at a party in 1932.

24 December 2015

12 December 2015

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13 November 2015

No 10 The Gossamer Summer 1944 uploaded in Memorabilia Section

5 November 2015

  • Not anything to do with LEGS but readers might be interested in the History of Trent Station and the development of the railway network in this area. This illustrated article is written by Tom Godfrey LEGS 1946 U6. Also includes memories of the Erewash canal and the weather during the 1947 flood.
  • LEGS bugle players in demand at Loughborough Grammar School's production of Noyle's Fludde Feb 1964.
  • Newspaper cutting about examination prizes is dated 1934 from Tom Godfrey and a photo taken 1937 of his sister Joan Godfrey (now deceased). Joan Godfrey left LECSS in 1934 and became a top mathematition.

31 October 2015

Letter written by G D B Gray inviting pupils to go on the 1960 German exchange visit. Sent in by Anita Wormsley.

30 October 2015

Now on the web site: Gossamer No. 8 Summer 1942 and Gossamer No. 9 Summer 1943

25 October 2015

Newspaper clipping of pupils waiting for the O'Level exam results. Sent in by Frank Derrick.

12 October 2015

Sad news - Michael (Mitch) Grant passed away on Sunday 27 September 2015 after a long illness. Michael was at LEGS leaving in the 5th form in 1968. He also attended some of the school reunions and there are several pictures of him on this site. The funeral arrangements are as follows:
Friday 23rd of October at 12:30pm at Bramcote Crematorium, in the Serenity Chapel. Heather (his daughter) would also like it for those who played/play rugby to wear their rugby shirts on the day.

07 July 2015

  • Sad News: RICHARD MASON (LEGS 1970 U6) died on Monday 22nd June of a sudden heart attack. His funeral was held on Friday 3rd July at Abingdon where he lived. This message is from Keith Payne.
  • Photo of the 5th form 1943-44 from Tom Godfrey

2 July 2015

Photo of Ron and Sheila Bassett on the occassion of their Golden Wedding Anniverary in 2010.

28 June 2015

I've had an email from Ron Bassett: My wife and I were on the Staff of LEGS in the 60,s.We ran the PE dept for some years and we still have fond memories of our time at Long Eaton.We have retired to live in France since 1992. Please give our best regards to any old pupils who remember us. I am swimming daily and my wife continues to play tennis so we are still setting a good example. Keep moving !! Best wishes Ron and Sheila Bassett

17 June 2015

Sir Gordon Hobday, born 1 February 1916, died 27 May 2015 aged 99. A former pupil of the Long Eaton County Secondary School.
He was a research chemist who championed the development of the anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen before becoming chairman of Boots and Central Independent Television.

16 June 2015

Photo of Mike Rock and Stephen Ford in the As We are Now folder.

From Facebook I hear of the death of Neil Atkinson (LEGS 1945 5th) who was well known for running the Railway and Barter Shop in Main Street, Long Eaton. He passed away peacefully at home at 11.10am on Saturday 30th May2015 aged 86.

12 April 2015

Photo from Anita Wormsley on holiday with Sandra Fox, Linda Freeman and Janet Smith at Gibralta Point in about 1959.

31 March 2015

Hockey team c. 1920 from Keith Goodman.

Class 5L 1948 - 1949, photo from Keith Tyler.

Gossamers - No. 4 Dec 1937, No. 5 Dec 1938, No. 6 Summer 1940 and No. 7 Summer 1941.

31 January 2015

Gwen Ellis (LEGS U6 1971) later SANDHU passed away peacefully on 20th November 2014, aged 61 years after a short illness.

28 January 2015

Sandra Bainbridge aged 70 (Sandra Mee LEGS 1960 5th) was tragically and it seems randomly murdered at her home in Belper on the 9th December 2013. Psychotic killer - Andrea Cutler who took over Sandra's Belper home whilst she was away on holiday, stabbed her 73 times when she returned from holiday.

27 January 2015 (newletter sent to 494)

  • Jeremy Pateman has contacted me about the sad loss of his brother, Timothy Pateman (LEGS 1968 5th) who died of cancer some 11 years ago. See Obituaries.
  • The 2nd Gossamer 1935 and The 3rd Gossamer 1936
  • More sad news: Lynn Eyre was Lynn Taylor LEGS 1949-55 has died on the 8 Jan 2015.

22 January 2015

Sad News:The Reverend David Rees who taught RI at LEGS from 1967 until 1974 has died aged 76. He had a long battle with Alzheimer's which he bore with gentleness to the end. A MEMORIAL SERVICE is to be held at St Asaph Cathedral, at 12 noon on Saturday 31st January 2015. St Asaph is just South of the North Wales Expressway (junction 27 of the A55). The post code for sat navs is LL17 0RD . (info. from Jane Reid nee Longhurst) (St Asaph is roughly 5km south of Rhyl and Prestatyn)

21 January 2015

The first Gossamer Magazine 1934.

09 January 2015

Photo of teachers at the Long Eaton Pupil Teacher Centre

The 1958 Speech Day Programme.

The Long Eaton County School Annual No.2 1913.

The Old Scholars' Association membership Card and Rules.

Some undated photos added - some from Jocie Kemp.

6 Half tone plates of unknown date - scanned by Keith Reedman

Photos at Long Eaton School - post 1973 so not LEGS!

26 December 2014

With great sadness we record the sudden death on Monday 18 April 2011 of Dr Clarence Hardy LEGS 1949 U6th?). Dr Hardy had over 40 years experience in research and management in the nuclear industry.

03 December 2014

More sad news: Mick Hill (LEGS 1961 - 5th Year) died on the 19th November 2014. Mick a Derbyshire businessman was very successful in Club motorsport with nearly 100 wins and at least two championships, mostly in V8-engined cars. Mick had suffered serious health issues for many years. Information from John Spencer.

02 December 2014

Sad News:

  • Jacqui Wheeldon (LEGS 1970 -5th Form) and later Jacqui Rickerby, Teacher retiring 2006 has died aged 60 on the 31st May 2013. see: Tribute page. Information from her daughter Claire Mellish
  • Johnny Sims (LEGS 1961 5th) passed away on Monday 12th May 2014. He started at LEGS in summer 1956, joining from Ockbrook County Primary School. Information from John Spencer.

25 November 2014

Photos from Geoff Carter - showing new Care home being buit in the grounds of the school and also showing Room 15 was the old Kitchen pre 1949.

17 November 2014

Photo of Timothy Saville (LEGS c.1960) and updated photo of Peter Preston (LEGS 1960) in AS WE ARE NOW.

15 November 2014

Photo added of Max Hooley LEGS 1963-67 added to AS WE ARE NOW and 3 photos Showing post card and Christmas Card sent by Samuel Clegg in MEMORABILIA SECTION

12 September 2014

Photos from Jan Johnsen (1961 -5th). Miss Walker's class c.1957, 4 photos of pupils and Miss Grieveson taken c.1960

17 July 2014

Old LEGS to meet up at the Royal Oak at 7.30pm on Monday 18th August 2014. Jean Naylor and myself (John Simpson) would be pleased to see anyone who wishes to drop in for a chat. Other who said they are able to come are Richard Guise, Kevin Palmer, Kevin Tribbensee, John Outram and Keith Reedman.

16 July 2014

Sad news - Nevil Millington had died. Nevil was also a LEGS pupil 1944 -1950. He studied at Derby College of Technology for a Physics degree and later progressed to a Masters degree whilst at Rolls Royce. His funeral was held at St Werburgh`s Church, Spondon, on Tuesday 15 July at 11.15 am.

24 June 2014

Sad news - Caroline Marshall (LEGS 1949 - 1956) has died in Nottingham City Hospital on Thursday June12th 2014.
Her funeral is at Bramcote Crematorium 11.45 Friday 4th July 2014. Family flowers only.

04 June 2014 (newsletter sent to 496)

16 January 2014

Itinerary for the 1957 Italian trip sent in by John Drinkwater.

09 January 2014

  • Brenda Stevenson who was at LEGS from 1945 to 1950, died Christmas Eve. Her funeral service is 10 a.m. On Monday 13 January at the United Reformed Church at Long Eaton Green followed by cremation at Bramcote at 11 then a gathering at Long Eaton Town Hall at 12.30 to which all are invited. The Council is putting this on because she was once our Mayor.
  • Photo of the 50th Anniversary Reunion held at on the 30 Nov 2013 for the 1963 intake. They were the last Grammar stream starters in the school. Photo from Kevin Palmer.



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