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Stuart Nichols
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Stuart Nichols
LEGS 1965
Died July 2006

Message below is from ANN ROBERTSON (legs 6th 1966):
This was sent to me by Stuart's German exchange mate. Many of us knew Stuart and this is quite a shock. His mum (Anne) still lives in Sawley, so anyone who knows her could give her a call. I did, although we hadn't spoken for around 40 years and she was both moved and greatful.

From ANTON Mall on the 18th September 2006. (Anton was Stuart's German Exchange student during Chistmas 1964.)

In Memory of Stuart Nichols and my time at LEGS as a German Echange Student.

I am writing to you on a sad occasion: my friend Stuart Nichols from Sawley was killed in a motorcycle crash in Italy a few weeks ago. I was staying with him and his family from summer through Chistmas 1964 as an exchange student (I was 16 years old at that time!) from Germany, and somehow we managed to maintain our relationship over the years, seeing each other from time to time. The last time I saw him was in London 2 years ago. We sat in there in a pub, had a few beers together and agreed that in the early days we had lots of fun together .......

Why am I writing you all this? Because when I spoke to Ann Robertson (also LEGS 1965) about Stuart, she told me about your website, and when filing through it, names and faces suddenly came back to my memory:

The man who arranged my exchange was a Mr. Aldridge (he taught German), a guy with an impressive black beard. As teachers I also remember a Mr. Hough (English literature, but I am not so sure about this), a Mr. Gutteridge (German) and a music teacher (bald head and glasses) whose name I cannot recall.

And the students? I do well remember Peter Blackhall and his sister Sally, Brian Tubb, Susan McCracken, Hilary Sinclair, Liz Ringrose, David Hackney, Robert (?), a tall guy with extremely thick glasses and many more whose names I have forgotten but whose faces I can see still before me.

You see, something is still left over from my few months at LEGS !!!

Very truly - Joerg Anton Mall
From STEPHEN FORD: Hello Anton, His name was Clive Penman. Look on the "Official School Photos - 1964" page 6, and you will see him as No. 28. You are also right about Mr Hough - he taught English Literature. (Page 5, No. 27.)
From BRIAN TUBB: Hi Anton - I've just got into the Legs wesite and the first thing that hit me was the death of Stuart Nichols. I was on that first exchange in 1964 and stayed with Edgar Schilling at Elizabethenstrasse 5. I remember that you kept up your friendship with Stuart. I last saw him in 1987 after a famous hurricane had demolished most of his garden and garage - luckily missing his beloved Jaguar! Stuart and I were great pals at school, sharing a love of music and art (which he was very talented at).
We had some crazy times in Germany that summer - I recall nearly drowning in a swimming pool (I think it was you who pulled me out - thank you!), and throwing lots of beer bottles against pub walls (outside, of course). Ich glaube wir haben wenig Deutsch gelernt aber viel Spass gehabt!
We must be about the same age now - 62 or so? I work as a prison officer and have two years left before retirement. Can't wait!

Hope you are keeping well

Best wishes - Brian Tubb
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