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Ros Bryce
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Ros Bryce
LES 1975 U6
Died 6 March 2016
Rosalind Freestone-Barks nee Bryce age 57 from New South Wales Australia tragically died whilst riding her motorcycle along the Bass Highway, Hadspen, Tasmania. She crashed into a roadside railing. Her husband Dave was travelling nearby on a separate motorbike. Police have found no explanation for the crash but have ruled alcohol, drugs and speed as possible causes.. (March 2016)

Rosalind is one of the Bryce family of 9 children and are well known at the Grammar School.

Marion Bryce supplied me with the following tribute:

Ros trained in analytical chemistry at Boots. She married Dave and together they embarked on a grand adventure, emigrating to Australia. They bought a lovely homestead with 5 acres of pasture (she loved horses). They built an exciting and fulfilling life and raised their family. Family and friends were always welcome. Ros loved being a mother to Rachel and Sarah and took enormous joy from being a Nanna, playing and creating things with Eliana and Seren. She applied her intelligence, creativity and diligence throughout her career as a scientist at Sanitarium. She loved animals and was passionate about her hobbies, from horse and bike riding to playing guitar. Ros and Dave were together for 40 happy years.

She will be greatly missed. How fortunate we all are to have known her.
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