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Lyn Arnold
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Lyn Arnold
LEGS 1963 U6
Died May 2016
Lyn Winstanley nee Arnold (LEGS 1963 U6) towards the end of May 2016 only 3 weeks after the death of her husband. Peter Winstanley (not LEGS)

From Susan Cave nee Slater: Lyn's funeral ( a joint one with her husband) took place at Wilford last Monday (6th June) . There was a group at the funeral of her old LEGS friends who had kept in close touch with her since we left the school in 1963. It was a very sad occasion for all of us, Lesley Wood ( nee Sharpe), David Deshmukh, Robert Townsend, Robert Upton, Richard Campion, Marilyn Davies ( nee Calladine) and myself.
Photo reference: Lyn_Arnold