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Joan Comery
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Joan Comery
LEGS 1932?
Died Sept 2010
This message was sent to me fromTony Plackett.

Yesterday 8/09/10 I attended the funeral of my Aunt Joan PLACKETT (nee COMERY) (in Selby Yorkshire) who was a pupil at LEGS and is mentioned in some of your forum messages. She had married Harry PLACKETT at the beginning of WWII. Her friend at school Joan PLACKETT (nee MEARS), my mother, was in the same form and married Harry's younger brother Ernest PLACKETT, my father. Joan Mears father, my grandfather, owned the large Mears shop by the canal bridge on Derby Road Long Eaton (now flats I think). (Harry & Ernest were in the form below the two Joans I believe.) Harry and Ernest died a few yeas ago and Joan (Mears) Plackett died the year before last (at Sandiacre). Joan (Comery) Plackett was the last of the group, and the last of that generation of the large Plackett family based in Sandiacre. From their schooldays both Joan Placketts maintained their close friendship and after Harry & Ernest died, often went travelling together. My sister Jane Murray-Hinde (nee Plackett) and younger brother Peter Plackett (now deceased) also attended LEGS in the 1960s although I attended Nottingham Bluecoat School on a CofE Scholarship from Risley LGS.
I thought some of your older members may wish to know of this family news.
Photo reference: Joan_Comery