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David Pettefar
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David Pettefar
LEGS 1947 - 1954
Died April 2004
From Barrie Waby: David died of a heart attack April 2004. Yet another of my year!

from Michael Amos: I may have mentioned elsewhere on this site. Dave was my next door neighbour from pre school to joining the forces. I was called up into the Royal Dragoons (now Blues and Royals) and he joined the RAF. We always knocked around together until girls entered our lives, then we sort of drifted apart.I have lots of great memories of our childhood days together. His elder sister Irene also went to LEGS I've seen a photo of her somewhere on the site. In later life Dave was a Munro Bagger, which reminds me, he was one of the team that put the pirate flag on the school roof. Happy days.
Photo reference: David_Pettefar