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Arthur Barlow
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Arthur Haslam Barlow
LEGS Teacher
Died 5 July 2007
A former Long Eaton Grammar School teacher has died after losing his battle with cancer. Arthur Haslam Barlow, 75, succumbed to the disease on July 5th. Arthur began his teaching career firstly at Penistone Grammar School in Yorkshire before moving to the Long Eaton Grammar School where he taught English and RE. Later he moved to the Bluecoat School in Nottingham. He married his wife Hilary Barlow at the St John's Church in Long Eaton. He was also a member of the St Francis of Assisi Church in Long Eaton where his funeral is due to be held on Monday, July 17th.

Source: The Long Eaton and Sawley Archive Newsletter.

From MICK BROWN: Being taught English Lit by "Charlie" Barlow was an interesting, and demanding experience for someone who never read any of the books (never seemed to find the time). However, he was dead interested in things to do with religion, and since I'd just completed my escape from Catholicism (whilst still using it as an excuse to avoid assembly) we had some really interesting, though very abstract, discussions. I didn't realise until I met him many years later (his wife was teaching one of my kids) that he had been moving in the other direction! I wonder if his chats with me helped him pass his entry exams? RIP.

From LYNN ROBINSON: Remembered with gratitude.
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