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No. 3 Gossamer 1936
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Pages 70 and 71 -The Thames
Again we thank Mr. Mansfield for the composite photograph.
Mr. Walsh, Mills, and Pechey have made contributions to it, for
which we are grateful.

We are glad to learn of the good progress towards complete
recovery of Mrs. H. Bowman-Beer.

The Dramatic Society saw Stratford once again this summer.
The theatre (' Twelfth Night '), the river, and even the swings
were well patronised. In February, the Grand Theatre, Derby,
was visited. Forms II. saw a performance of the ~ Merchant of
Venice,' and Form V. went in the evening to ~ The Tempest. '
Both plays were excellently presented by the Derby Shakespearean

Even here, Mr. Hore-Belisha is not without influence. With th(
advent of beacons in the town came a stricter enforcing of th~
traffic regulations in School.

lt is a far cry to last Speech Day, but two features of it stand
out very clearly, Dr. Pickard-Cambridge's excellent address, and
the day's holiday. Naturally, we look forward hopefully to next
Speech Day, Thursday, January I4th, when we are to be favoured
with a visit from the Right Reverend The Bishop of Derby.

The new cloak rooms and showers are at last in commission. So
popular are the latter that we understand there may be a movement
from parents to have the ~ bath-night institution ' transferred to
the School curriculum.

' Noises ofi ' were very much in evidence at the beginning of
the Autumn term. They varied from the deafening rattle of the
road-breakers outside, to the airy fluting issuing from the Manual
Room during the dinner hour. Then there was the auto-cyclic
chugging at regular intervals in the School yard, and we are pleased
to report that the School Orchestra has passed through its birth
Photo reference: 03-Gossamer-03