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No. 3 Gossamer 1936
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Obiter Scripta - Page 69
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Again we regret to record the death of a governor, Mr. S. Cursley,
J.P., who gave unstinted service to the School for many years.

~Eric Sydney Wade, a member of Forin Ill . ~L., died in April.
His cheery and whimsical person was sadly inissed bv his forni
mates and by many others.

Mr. Parmenter, to whom we said farewell in J uly, will loiig
loom large in happy memory. The rumour of building extensions
at Ashby is as yet unconfirmed.

In his place, we welcoine Mr. Noble of Wadham College, Oxford
i.nd Mr. Rogers of Liverpool University. Miss Irwin and Mr
lnderson have also become full-time members of the Staf~

M. S. Lindahl this year wears the crown of scholarship. Beside
a State Scholarship, he won a County Major (placed first in the
County), and the Risley Scholarship. Kate Boyes gained furthcr
honours by winning an Open Scholarship to Newnham, Cani-
bridge, and E. Harrison won an Entrance Exhibition to Nottingliam
University College „

~Joan Knott of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (I933-36), brought
distinction to herself and her old School by · getting a First Class
in. French at the Final Examination of the Honour School of
Modern Languages at Oxford. There were only six others. P.
Wright (2nd Class Hons. French) also passed his final at Nottingham
this year. Congratulations to botli

Bessie Smith, Betty Woodrow, Kathleen Heaps, and H. M. Crisp
Iia,ve succeeded in getting into the Civil Service as Clerical Assis-
tants. Sir Josiah Stamp, this year's President of the Royal Society,
started in the same Service as a Boy Clerk. Who knows ?
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