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No. 3 Gossamer 1936
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Page 66 Editorial - Page 67 Photos
Editorial Board :- J'. Hurley, J. Gentis, S. McDearmid, Alton. Roberts, Evans Gill.

'Primo, secundo, tertio, is a good play : and the old saying is the third pays for all : the triplex, sir, is a good tripping measure :or the bells of Saint Bennet, sir, may put you in mind : one, two,three.'(Will Forms IV. please regard our initial quotation as a contex question which somehow or other managed to be omitted rom their recent English examination paper ?).Gossamer No. 3 will, we hope 'pay for all'. The contributions offered this year have been more numerous and of a much higher standard than previously, and we have had some anxious moments before making our final selection. We congratulate those whose efforts have survived, but hasten to remind those who are disappointed that the waste paper basket was filled reluctantly and slowly, and also that next year a fresh opportunity will arise for the burgeoning of their maturer genius. There are evident signs that a School Anthology of verse of a copious nature would be no impossibility in the near future, but we venture to hope that it would not be overweighted with parodies. We would also suggest that our comrades would allow their thoughts to be directed Gossamer-wards earlier and more frequently and not just when harassed Editors drive. We consider this a suitable place, without wishing to seem didactic, to say what we think about certain School matters of importance. Spontaneous keenness is often singularly lacking. This has been specially noticeable this term in Sport, General School Deportment, the Speech Competition, to mention a few examples. We may be passing through one of the inevitable lean periods that all schools experience from time to time, but this surely is just the opportunity for everybody to display a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. For a start, may we submit that notice boards should be regularly scrutinised, that House meetings should bewell and promptly attended, that the few School rules should be more honourably observed, and that School games should have a larger following. The School is growing rapidly in numbers. Itis for us to see that this is only an indication of its general worth and popularity.
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