Lists of Pupils and Teachers
Long Eaton Grammar School


image - of puipils and teachers from LEGS 1964


1936-1941 Teachers and Pupils from Mac Stenson

Name Nickname Other Comments
F E Roberts Drac   Headmaster
F Mansfield Tashy   French - 6th form master and Deputy Head
Miss Taylor     Senior Mistress
Robert Noble     Form 1B master - started new to the school in 1936
Miss Campbell     2B Form mistress - English, I believe she ended up being wed to Mr Noble?
Miss Drake     3B Form Mistress and Art Teacher. No messing with this one!
Mr MacDonald     Maths and 4B Form master
Miss Evans     French - and 5B form mistress- I can still remember most of what she taught me! including a short rhyme in phonetics which she wrote on the blackboard in her first lesson- "Ka jetai p.tit" -lousy phonetics but you get the idea!
Miss Silk     Geography - easy to reduce to tears
Mr Anderson Jock   Woodwork (Jockery) "The gluu, the Gluu"- it was always boiling over!
Johnny Rogers     Physics & Maths
Ikey Aucken     Chemistry
Miss Turner     Biology
Mr R.G.Pritchard     Physics & Biology
Miss Savage     the glamorous Art mistress- she dominated my adolescent dreams
Mr Crompton Crumps   Latin - I never took it so did not know him too well
Miss Henley     Domestic Science & Girls Games
Boys - 1936 - 1941
Forename Surname Other Comments
Fred Smith   Mr MacDonald called him 'Lord Birkenhead'
Arthur Richardson    
Alan Smith    
Rob Bliss    
Alan Perry    
Frank Makins    
Roy Harper   (I met in our stints in the Royal Observer Corps)
Robert Drew   Spondon
Lionel Drew   Spondon
R Burrows   Beeston
Derek Salmon   Chilwell
Girls - 1936-1941
Forename Surname Other Comments
Moira Poppit Bagguley  
Dot Shepherd Upton  
Mary Poyser   the Wharf-Shardlow
Oriel Beebe   Cavendish Bridge Shardlow
Betty Hall   Toton Hill
Jean Harding   twin sister
Margaret Harding   twin sister
Ruby Lane   Borrowash and perpetrator of 'Je was standing sur un pont' to the great dismay of Miss Evans
Dulcie Lovatt   Trent station - also now gone into the past!
Betty Ponton   Last heard of in Los Angeles as a Doctor (Medical)
Yvonne Fletcher    
Jean Maltby   Shrimp
Olive Myers   Spondon
Dorothy Drew   Spondon
Dorothy Street Dodson Ockbrook


1943 - 1949 - TEACHERS AND OTHER STAFF (supplied by Sheila Cornell)

Name Other Years Comments
Miss J Allen Mrs Spence 1940 - 1946 English and Music
Mr O N Allen   1944 - 1948 Maths & Geography
Mr H H Allton   1947 Music
Mr R Anderson   1922 - 1946 Handicrafts
Mr H W Ash   1946 Handicrafts
Mr L Auken   1921 - 1945 Sciences
Miss E M Bancroft   1943 - 1946 Goegraphy & Divinity
Mr H Bowman-Beer   1922 - 1948 Physics
Miss E A Brooks   1945 - 1970 History
Miss M Burden   1943 - 1947 P.T. Girls (part time)
Mr C J Calton   1946 - 1975 Maths & Science
Mr H Cocking   1945 - 1964 Chemistry
Mr J B Crompton   1919 - 1960 Latin
Miss J Drake   1911 - 1943 English Litrature
Miss E R Evans   1907 - 1943 French
Miss M Hagon   1944 - 1949 English Litrature
Miss P A Henley   1937 - 1970 Domestic Science
ditto   1951 -1970 also Senior Mistress
Miss M Ironmonger   1942 - 1947 Art
Mr R MacDonald   1931 - 1948 Mathematics
Mr F Mansfield   1914 - 1951 French
Mr J Otter   1947 - 1949 Mathematics
Mr J Parkinson   1940 - 1949 P.T Boys (part time 40 - 47)
Miss M Parry   1946 - 1949 Biology
Mr R G Pritchard   1922 - 1960 Chemisty
Mr F E Roberts   1930 - 1957 Headmaster
Mr J N Sanders   1947 - 1958 Art
Miss C E Silk   1917 - 1955 Geography
Miss C E Skelton   1943 - 1949 French
Mr H Spence   1945 - 1949 English
Miss E Sykes Mrs Noble 1938 -1945 History
ditto Mrs Noble 1951 - 1960 History
Miss L Taylor   1905 - 1945 Maths & Snr Mistress
Mr J Townsend   1940 - 1954 English
Miss J Turner   1913 - 1951 Biology
ditto   1945 - 1951 Snr Mistress
Mrs D White   1947 - 1950 P.T. Girls
Mrs Bass   1944 - 1947 Canteen Supervisor
Mrs Bingham   1923 - 1943 Headmaster's Secretary
ditto   1946 - 1947 Headmaster's Secretary
Mrs Brown   1943 - 1946 Headmaster's Secretary
Mrs Frost   1916 - 1948 Senior Cook
Miss Hardy   1947 - 1950 Canteen Supervisor
Mr Moody   1947 - ? Caretaker
Mr Nicholls   1910 - 1915 Caretaker
ditto   1917 - 1947  
Mr Smith   1942 - ? Groundsman
Mrs White   1947 - ? Headmaster's Secretary
Additional Names      
Miss E Ballantine Elizabeth   Games and P.E.
Mr H Morton Harold   Gams and P.E.
Mr G Prime Geoff   French
Mr G Pritchard Garath   temp. son of R G Prichard
Mr I S Robinson     Physics


1957-1961 Teachers Names - from Peter Preston

Name Nickname Subject Comments
Harold Alton Harry Music Music in Hut A and Assembly (died c.1961)
Muriel Grievson   RE  
Miss C Walker   English  
Barbara lockwood   French  
Miss Forster   Biology  


1966 - 1968 PUPILS and TEACHERS (compiled by John Simpson)

1966 to 1968 Boys 6th Form
Initials Forename Surname Other Leave Comments
  Andrew Adamson   1967  
  Iain Adamson   1968  
D P David Atkins   1968  
T Terry Baxter   1967  
P M Phillip Benham   1967  
R W Richard Brentnall   1968  
P J Peter Briens   1969  
M F Michael Brown   1968  
M J Martin Buczkiewicz   1969  
R E Robert Casboult   1968  
ACC Andrew Craven   1968  
R E Robert Dillea   1968  
R J Richard Doren   1968  
G P Geoff Flint   1968  
P E Paul Footitt   1969  
C Chris Gascoyne   1969  
J S John Gee   1968  
A J Andrew Henstridge   1968 Head Boy 1968
R C Robert Hitchin   1968  
A Alan Hutchby   1968  
CPJ Chris Kublicki   1968  
WE William Mussan aka Bill    
K Kevin Needham   1968  
CM Chris Paley   1968  
PG Phil Payne   1969  
V Victor Pelech   1968  
D David Perry   1968  
R Robert Petchey   1968  
  Chris Ratcliffe Hewitson 1968  
  John Richards   1967  
PG Phillip Roberts   1968  
PM Paul Safhill   1968  
JD John Simpson   1968  
BJ Brian Stacey   1968  
RB Richard Tivey   1968  
JR John Tizzard   1968  
KR Kevin Tribbensee   1968  
BF Barrie Underwood   1968  
RD David Wardell   1968  
J Joe Waring   1967  
K Kevin Wharmby   1968  
DA David Whittleton   1968  
P Paul Winter   1969 head boy 1969
PR Phillip Woodcock   1968  
TW Trevor Wright   1968  
MB Michael Young   1968  
1966 to 1968 Girls
Initials Forename Surname Other Leave Comments
ME Mary Liz Agar   1968  
P Pamela Arnott Earlam 1968  
J Jacqueline Atkinson   1968  
GM Gillian Bates   1968  
DM Dyann Berringer Rowe 1968 head girl 1968
L J M Lorna Bryce Mills 1969  
CM Christine Cluroe   1968  
S A Stephanie Cope   1969  
LJB Linda Coulson   1968  
SJ Susan Derrick   1968  
CA Carol Eggleton   1968  
JL Janet Farrel Dowers 1968  
A Angela Feetham Murray 1968  
PA Paddy Ford   1968  
SC Sonia Fulwood James 1968  
GM Gillian Gilbert Williams 1968  
ML Lynne Gostick   1968  
J Jill Hart   1968  
DV Denise Holdsworth   1968 head girl 1969
SM Sheila James Wilcox 1968  
JM Joan Lewis Mowl 1967  
JE Judith Longden   1968  
LG Lesley McWhirter Watkins 1968  
L Lorna Metheringham   1968  
AC Avril Pitman   1968  
FM Frances Plackett Cox 1968  
DP Dianne Rasmussen   1968  
SM Sandra Robotham Baynham 1968  
HJ Helen Thompson   1968  
BE Belinda Walters   1968  
  Edwina Ward   1968  
EA Liz Willatt Briens 1968  
LM Lesley Woodward Entwhistle 1968  
CE Christine Wooley   1968  
Teachers c.1968
Initials Forename Surname Subject Leave Comments
  Trevor Adkin Pure Maths    
  James Alldridge German    
  Ron Askew      
    Bassett P.E.    
C D   Burrow Biology and LVI Form teacher   Doctor
CJ   Calton Deputy head teacher    
    Cole Art   poss started after 68
R Roger Davy Geography & UVI form teacher    
T Tom Dowers Latin    
  David Driver Chemistry   (Screwy) Film Society
  Charles Forster Art d.2004  
GW   Goodhall Tech Drawing / Woodwork    
FW   Graham R.E - mainly at the Grange School    
GDB   Grey Head teacher    
    Grey Technical Drawing    
A   Gutteridge German    
BE   Harris History    
    Harvey French    
  Clive Hopkin Physics    
    Hough English    
I Iain Little Applied Maths    
D   Pacy      
  Kenneth Plampin Geography    
    Pont Latin Head? Grange School    
D Rev. David Rees Divinity    
PE Phillip Setterfield Music    
DR   Ward      
DF David Webb Chemistry    
  Phillip (Pip) Wright French    
Female Teachers c.1968
Initials Forename Surname Subject Leave Comments
    Bassett P.E.    
  Margaret Bottom     now Jones
  Eve Brookes History    
    Darley-Usmar Librarian    
  Millie Ellis English    
G   Gough English    
C Carol Hall      
  Sandra Hallam English and Italian    
PA Phyllis Henley Deputy Head of Girls at the Grange    
AM   Hill      
PA Pamela Maskell Biology    
H   Rankin      
  Marie-Jo Sanmartin      
    Wesson Canteen    


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