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Not LEGS Long Eaton School
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LEGS-5th-form  1976
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The 5th form Class of 1976
AT THE BACK FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Me! Phil Cockbill, Mark Hanson, Steve (Bomber)Beeson, Mark Felgate, Colin Chamberlain, Rosemary Durham, Martin Smith, Robin Bryce, Chris(Nuggy) Nall, Just infront of Chris is Suzanne Tate, next to her at the back sorry can't remember.

MIDDLE FROM LEFT: Simon Booth, Rob Easter, Shane Aspinshaw, ??, Deborah Tivey who is strangling Mark Dowdswell, Alison Stafford, Jane Money, Linda(I think) ?,

FRONT FROM LEFT: Vanessa Davies, Stella Smith, Alison Taylor, Susan Keen, Veronica Epton, Karen Barker, Diane Stevenson, Dawn Hutchinson.
Photo reference: LEGS-5th-form _1976