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Speech Day
These rows are extremely difficalt to follow - (not counting the empty chairs at the front as a row.

7th ROW BACK: Mr. Askew (Physics) (glasses -half face), dk - also with glasses, Mr Davy, Mr Plampin, Mr Harvey - glasses, Mr Hough, Mr Pritchard

6th ROW: dk (looking at camera), dk, Mr Driver? Mr Adkin, Mr Goodhall, Mr Gray (Metalwork and TD), Mr Hopkin, Mr Aldridge (beard).

5th ROW: Dave Canavan, Mr Gutteridge? dk, visiting German teacher from Seligenstadt? dk, Mr Picton - (History teacher sitting in front left of Mr Hopkin), Mr Williams (French) assistant to "Pip" Wright in 1965/1966 - sitting front left of Mr. Aldridge

4th ROW: empty behind Brian Tubb, John Holbrook, John Hill, Roger Godber- looking down, Ian Deshmukh, Michael Cooke? or Chris Hallsworth?, Pete Brownhill ? or is it Beardsley,

3rd ROW: Phil Payne?, Brian Tubb,dk,dk, 'Chalky' White, John Wheatley, dk.

2ndROW: - ?,?,?Alan Beviss, Mike Rock, Gordon Pursglove.

FRONT ROW: Nick Doughty, Mike Davis, Richard Andruszko, Alan Andrew, Phil ? or Ivan Brown?

Photo from Mike Rock.

Thanks to Neil Moody and Liz Bigg for providing many of the names.
Photo reference: 1965-mr002c