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Christmas show held Christmas 1964
XMAS PARTY was the annual Christmas show held Christmas 1965, so has a lot of 1966 leavers.
BACK ROW: Prof (Robert Anthony), Doreen Hosker, x, Pam Ward, Janice Ward, David Baxter, John Lomas, Susan Goodjohn, (then a whole load of people whose names I don't remember), Linda Speed, Wendy Ward, x, Paul Adamson, x, Brian Tubb.

ON THE FRONT ROW: nobody except Daryl Kingsbury lying/sitting down on the right. Perhaps Jane Turner with the top hat?

Photo and caption from John Lomas. Can YOU help with more names please?

Says Lynne Keys: I'm one of the 'three little maids' in the front row -
I'm on the left as you look at the picture. Next to me is Mary Grindey, then Carolyn Smith. Next to her is Jillian Davis in the top hat (we met a few years ago at one of the reunions). The other side of me might be Jane Seymour. I am sure this was the 1964 Xmas party as I and most of those I have named all left in 1965 - having arrived in 1958.

Says Sue Goodjohn: It definitely was *1964* and not 1965.
Back row: on same level as David Baxter - David Theyers
Next row: behind me are John Lomas and Michael Cooke, then next to the hat - Margaret Guise, in striped pyjamas, then Gillian Davison's head.
In front of them is Mary Daibell with lots of hair! In front of David Theyers is Brian(Nobby) Clark.
Behind Paul Adamson is Michael Davison, Gillian's twin and I'm pretty sure sitting on the floor under Prof was Vicky Measures.

Edited by John Lomas June 2011: Very sad that five, to my knowledge, are no longer with us. ( Jane Seymour, Paul Adamson, Wendy Ward and Nobby Clark)
Photo reference: 1965jl-01