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LEGS MO 1962
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Camping trip to the Lake District
Caption from Mike Owen. (additional info from Gordon Richards)

One of the excursions we did in 1962 was a camping trip to the Lake District, with the aim of doing some rock climbing, canoeing and walking. Unfortunately my main memory is of rain, so climbing was out, and canoeing limited to a bit of time on one of the lakes. I was reminded of the trip when I came across the photo below - I am in the slow progress of looking through several thousand slides and photos and scanning any of interest into the computer so it is possible that other photos from this trip may surface in the future.

Those in the photo are from left to right:

Terry Potter, Graham Fells, John Spencer, myself (Mike Owen), Bob Upton, and on the right Geoff Black, with I'm pretty sure Christine Cotterill in front.
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Photo reference: LEGS_MO_1962