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Art  Room-1961-62
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Mr Forster in the Art Room 1961-62
Photo is not clear enough to properly make out who is in it. Just some of the suggestions below:

Says John Horobin: Standing up left in white blouse-Marjory Layland (think she was head girl at one stage?)

To the left of her seated-dk boy

Sitting at the back facing the camera with only top and middle part of head showing-Una Flint?

Standing with blonde hair and scarf-Susan Slater - although Lesley Camp thinks it is Gillian Davison and herself next to her with dark hair and a knitted scarf.

Next to her standing dark hair-Eileen Dakin? OR Gillian Davison (fr Lesly Camp)

In front sitting looking at camera-Marilyn Calladine

Standing with scarf-Everard Longland

Standing behind him-David Deshmukh

Then Mr Forster

Photo from John Horobin
Photo reference: Art _Room-1961-62